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The Editor:   Is there anything happening, LL ?

News Cat:  Here is a place to check on your candidates bribes/payola.

Ask your children what these are.

Here is a little VW corruption, worthy of the U.S. Government.

Here is why anyone who can read a ” See Spot Run ” book should never trust any government/employee without personal knowledge.   They will use their power that you gave them to abuse you and feather their own nest ( so to speak ).

The Editor:  Are you suspicious of everyone, NC ?

NC:   Almost.

Astronomy Picture of the Day

La Palma Eclipse Sequence
Image Credit & Copyright: Miguel Claro (TWAN)

Explanation: At left, a dramatic image sequence follows late September’s total lunar eclipse above a rugged landscape and sea of clouds from the Canary island of La Palma. Composited in a circular fisheye projection, the brightness of the Full Perigee Moon changes drastically in transition from outside the total eclipse phase compared to its dim glow during the 72 minute long totality. At right, a single frame captures the dark red lunar disk in a moment during the total eclipse phase, the Moon deep within Earth’s shadow. In fact, the size of the eclipsed Moon image at right approximately illustrates the relative size of Earth and Moon, when compared to the circular projection of the eclipse sequence.

Tomorrow’s picture: a thousand rubies


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The Editor:   What is corrupt about the news, LL ?

Brian Williams/Dan Rather Cat:  The big 4 are as corrupt as Congress.  Here is an article about an honest reporter.

Here is the latest vile, dishonest, sleazy, lying, corrupt, evil, deceitful, unprincipled, morally debased,  news.

The Editor:  Why do people still watch these lying B*******, BW/DRC ?

Hate Cat:   I don’t know, maybe they are too busy to check every story.  I hope they don’t start hating the big 4.

Astronomy Picture of the Day

Flying Past Pluto
Video Credit: NASA, Johns Hopkins U. APL, SwRI, Stuart Robbins

Explanation: What would it look like to fly past Pluto? The robotic New Horizons spacecraft did just this in late July and continues to return stunning pictures of the dwarf planet. Some well-chosen flyby images have now been digitally sequenced to create the featured video. The animation begins by showing New Horizon’s approach to the Pluto system, with Pluto and its largest moon Charon orbiting a common center of mass. As the spacecraft bears down on Pluto uniquely, surprising surface features are nearly resolved that, unfortunately, quickly rotate out of view. New Horizons then passes just above and near a large, fascinating, light-colored, heart-shaped, and unusually smooth region now known as Tombaugh Regio. The spacecraft then pivots to look back at Pluto’s night side, seeing an encompassing atmospheric haze. Finally, Pluto fades away in a final sequence illustrated with the orbits of many of Pluto’s smaller moons. Although humanity has no current plans to return to Pluto, the New Horizons spacecraft may well be directed next to fly past an asteroid currently known only as 2014 MU69.

Tomorrow’s picture: eclipse to scale


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The Editor:   What in the wide world of sports is going on,  LL ?

Felony-Not Cat:  For the first time in 5 years the NFL did not have any arrest for one calendar month.

The Editor:  Is college sports doing as well, FNC ?

Street Walker Cat:  Not quite, with the Secret Service Agents in the Betty Ford Clinic the Hookers have moved to the colleges, especially Louisville.

The Editor:   What do they say about selling sex, SWC  ?

Do-Wah-Diddy Cat:   They say teaching is the second oldest profession.

Astronomy Picture of the Day

Orion Over and Under Tibet
Image Credit & Copyright: Jeff Dai

Explanation: This night was so serene you could see Orion rise downwards. The unusual spectacle was captured in this single-exposure image, featuring a deep sky around the famous constellation of Orion that appeared both above — and reflected in — a peaceful lake in the Gyirong Valley of Tibet, China. Taken last year at this time, the three belt stars of Orion can be seen lined up almost vertically above and below the Himalayan Mountains. The complex Orion Nebula can be seen to the belt stars’ right, while the red-glowing circular structure surrounding Orion is Barnard’s Loop. Also, the bright red star Betelgeuse is doubly visible on the image left, while bright blue Rigel appears twice on the image right. Familiar Orion is becoming increasingly visible as Winter (Summer) descends on the Northern (Southern) hemisphere.

Tomorrow’s picture: voyage to pluto


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The Editor:  Is there no end to stupidity, LL ?

Moron Cat:   There is no end, here are some good quotes.

Here is a stupid f*****, there is no other explanation.

As a matter of fact, his great grandfather might have worked for P.T. Barnum.

Here is a smart Italian.

Here is another fool, damn the torpedoes-full speed ahead.