To the younger Women of the World….


It is time again for me to share some of my knowledge with the younger women of the world. Which will be the majority. This will include a large percentage of the women in Newspaperland and it’s suburb, Cybernewspaperland.

I know all you young girls and women want to feel that you are the best thing since generic drugs. Your significant other loves you, does not even look at other women, will defend you forever and actually meant those wedding vows. He probably did at the moment he said the vows. But then you left the church. Brace yourself for a ride down Real Life Lane. I have a tried and true analogy about the real view of the way men look at women that is easy to understand.

Men look at us the way we look at purses. Hang with me here. It ends good for us. We go out and see a purse we like, we must have it….no matter what…..if we do not get it now…someone else will. It is such a nice purse….it will look gorgeous hanging on my arm. We smile and show off that purse. Then a little time passes.

The purse is still as functional as the day you bought it. It carries the load for you, even as you increase the load over and over. Then the edges get a little worn, the handle gets a little frayed from all the use and load it carried. So what do we do?

We start looking at another purse. I’ll get that new purse just to use because my old one is not good enough for special occasions. I love this new purse but I am not going to throw the other one away, I may need it someday.

So we put the old one in back of the closet and forget it, at least for a period of time. We put a few more back with it as more time passes. Then one day, years down the road…..retro is back….penny loafers, pedal pushers called capri pants, saddle oxford shoes, home-made popcorn, etc.

Then you and the neighbors have a yard sale….you pull out that old purse from years ago.. you cannot make yourself let go of that old purse….you remember how good it looked, the compliments it brought, the loads that it carried…it looks a little worn…big deal… it was really the best purse you ever had!!!!

Sheila Tolley

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