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Navy SEALs’ Parents Sue Biden, Panetta Over Sons’ Deaths


Vice President Joe Biden and ex-U.S. Defense Secretary Leon Panetta were sued by the parents of Navy SEALs, who accused the officials of exposing their sons to retaliation by publicizing their unit’s role in the raid that resulted in the death of Osama Bin Laden.

The men were killed in an Aug. 6, 2011, attack on their helicopter, three months after the bin Laden raid, according to a complaint filed yesterday in federal court in Washington. The parents, seeking more than $200 million in damages, accused Biden and Panetta of revealing the team’s involvement for political purposes before the 2012 presidential election.

Navy SEALs enter a simulated home while practicing close-quarters combat at U.S. Training Center Moyock, North Carolina. Photographer: Eddie Harrison/US Navy via Getty Images

Billy Vaughn, the father of Navy SEAL Team 6 member Aaron Vaughn, speaks at the National Press Club about the Aug. 6, 2011 attack on the Navy SEALs’ helicopter in Afghanistan. Photographer: Mandel Ngan/AFP via Getty Images

“The hard reality is that Biden and Panetta are alive ‘feasting’ on their ‘political notoriety,” power and wealth, while the brave heroes who gave their lives for our nation’s security are dead, thanks to them!” Larry Klayman, an attorney for the family, said in a statement on the filing.

Thirty U.S. special forces, seven Afghan commandos and a civilian interpreter were among those killed when the North Atlantic Treaty Organization CH-47 Chinook helicopter was shot down by the Taliban in the eastern province of Afghanistan. An official who spoke on condition of anonymity said at the time that none of those killed were from the SEAL team involved in the bin Laden raid.

The suit also names Iran, Afghanistan and Afghan President Hamid Karzai, who allegedly tipped the Taliban off about the helicopter coordinates on the day of the attack.

SEALs’ Parents

The plaintiffs are Billy and Karen Vaughn, the parents of Aaron Vaughn; Charles and Mary Ann Strange, the parents of Michael Strange; Doug and Shaune Hamburger, the parents of Patrick Hamburger; and Sidh Douangdara, the father of John Douangdara.

A call to Biden’s press office seeking comment on the complaint wasn’t immediately returned. Panetta couldn’t immediately be reached for comment through his Panetta Institute for Public Policy.

The case is Vaughn v. Biden, 1:13-cv-00974, U.S. District Court, District of Columbia (Washington)



Ghost of Amelia Earhart:   Are there any secrets, anywhere, anymore,  T—Abby  ?   They just won’t leave me alone.

T—Abby Cat:   The only secret in most circles is “O’s” birth and education records.  Maybe Edward Snowden has those on the unreleased–illegal–treasonous–NSA tapes.

Ghost of Ella Fitzgerald:  Do I get a royalty on the NSA UNCONSTUTIONAL TAPES,  like I did with the Nixon Tapes ?

TAC:  No Ella, everything is on CD’s.

Mary Jo Kopechne:  Did T. Kennedy ever find his own murky demise ?

TAC:  He did, a brain tumor or something equally disturbing. 

The Editor:  TAC, why do you reference T. Kennedy so often ?

Murky Cat:  I only reference him when the News Media tries to tell us what to think, what we should strive for. 

The Editor:  Could you explain that a bit ?

MC:  I will certainly try.  Paula Dean used a N word some years ago.  She is worth about 10 million dollars, so this isn’t about her starving.  

Everyone is on her case about forgiveness,  I haven’t heard one word about Ted Kennedy, Jessie Jackson’s love child, or Al Sharpton and Tawana Brawley

The Editor:   What point are you trying to make ?

Apostle Cat:  Your values should not be determined by a news cast.

I guess forgiveness is like beauty—–in the eyes of the beholder.

AC:   Where did the love for Paula go ?





I have a distinguished friend who intended to post this article in a monthly newsletter. The other editors asked that it be removed so as not to OFFEND anyone. Please help me to get this information spread around as quickly as possible before obama’s henchmen snatch it off my site also.

I would say that obama has made America into a third world country….. but that may be giving us too much credit.




“Hands” Handley is a well-respected USAF fighter pilot. Here is his short resume and what he just wrote about Benghazi below that. If anything, Handley is pessimistic in his timeline of when F-16s could have reached Benghazi . I think they could have been airborne even sooner and turned quicker at Sig. The decision to not try was not based on capability. We had the operational capability in every way.

I hope Handley’s taxes are in order. His IRS audit is forthcoming.

Colonel Phil “Hands” Handley is credited with the highest speed air- to-air gun kill in the history of aerial combat. He flew operationally for all but 11 months of a 26-year career, in aircraft such as the F-86 Sabre, F-15 Eagle, and the C-130A Hercules. Additionally, he flew 275 combat missions during two tours in Southeast Asia in the F- 4D and F-4E. His awards include 21 Air Medals, 3 Distinguished Flying Crosses, and the Silver Star.

Betrayal in Benghazi
Phil “Hands” Handley Colonel, USAF (Ret.)

The combat code of the US Military is that we don’t abandon our dead or wounded on the battlefield. In US Air Force lingo, fighter pilots don’t run off and leave their wingmen. If one of our own is shot down, still alive and not yet in enemy captivity, we will either come to get him or die trying.

Among America ‘s fighting forces, the calm, sure knowledge that such an irrevocable bond exists is priceless. Along with individual faith and personal grit, it is a sacred trust that has often sustained hope in the face of terribly long odds.

The disgraceful abandonment of our Ambassador and those brave ex-SEALs who fought to their deaths to save others in that compound is nothing short of dereliction-of-duty.

Additionally, the patently absurd cover-up scenario that was fabricated in the aftermath was an outright lie in an attempt to shield the President and the Secretary of State from responsibility.

It has been over eight months since the attack on our compound in Benghazi . The White House strategy, with the aid of a “lap dog” press has been to run out the clock before the truth is forthcoming.
The recent testimonies of the three “whistle blowers” have reopened the subject and hopefully will lead to exposure and disgrace of those responsible for this embarrassing debacle. It would appear that the most recent firewall which the Administration is counting on is the contention “that there were simply no military assets that could be brought to bear in time to make a difference” mainly due to the unavailability of tanker support for fighter aircraft.

This is simply BS, regardless how many supposed “experts” the Administration trot out to make such an assertion.

The bottom line is that even if the closest asset capable of response was half-way around the world, you don’t just sit on your penguin ass and do nothing.

The fact is that the closest asset was not half-way around the world, but as near as Aviano Air Base, Italy where two squadrons of F-16Cs are based.

Consider the following scenario (all times Benghazi local): When Hicks in Tripoli receives a call at 9:40 PM from Ambassador Stevens informing him “Greg, we are under attack!” (his last words), he immediately notifies all agencies and prepares for the immediate initiation of an existing “Emergency Response Plan.”

At AFRICON, General Carter Ham attempts to mount a rescue effort, but is told to “stand down”. By 10:30 PM an unarmed drone is overhead the compound and streaming live feed to various “Command and Control Agencies” and everyone watching that feed knew damn well what was going on.

At 11:30 PM Woods, Doherty and five others leave Tripoli, arriving in Benghazi at 1:30 AM on Wednesday morning, where they hold off the attacking mob from the roof of the compound until they are killed by a mortar direct hit at 4:00 AM.

So nothing could have been done, he? Nonsense. If one assumes that tanker support really “was not available” what about this:

When at 10:00 PM AFRICON alerts the 31st TFW Command Post in Aviano Air Base, Italy of the attack, the Wing Commander orders preparation for the launch of two F-16s and advises the Command Post at NAS Sigonella to prepare for hot pit refueling and quick turn of the jets.

By 11:30 PM, two F-16Cs with drop tanks and each armed with five hundred 20 MM rounds are airborne. Flying at 0.92 mach they will cover the 522 nautical miles directly to NAS Sigonella in 1.08 hours. While in-route, the flight lead is informed of the tactical situation, rules of engagement, and radio frequencies to use.

The jets depart Sigonella at 1:10 AM with full fuel load and cover the
377 nautical miles directly to Benghazi in 0.8 hours, arriving at 1:50 AM which would be 20 minutes after the arrival of Woods, Doherty and their team.

Providing that the two F-16s initial pass over the mob, in full afterburner at 200 feet and 550 knots did not stop the attack in its tracks, only a few well placed strafing runs on targets of opportunity would assuredly do the trick.

Were the F-16s fuel state insufficient to recover at Sigonelli after jettisoning their external drop tanks, they could easily do so at Tripoli International Airport , only one-half hour away.

As for those hand-wringing naysayers who would worry about IFR clearances, border crossing authority, collateral damage, landing rights, political correctness and dozens of other reasons not to act”
screw them. It is high time that our “leadership” get their priorities straight and put America’s interests first.

The end result would be that Woods and Doherty would be alive. Dozens in the attacking rabble would be rendezvousing with “72 virgins” and a clear message would have been sent to the next worthless POS terrorist contemplating an attack on Americans that it is not really a good idea to “tug” on Superman’s cape.

Of course all this would depend upon a Commander In Chief that was more concerned with saving the lives of those he put in harm’s way than getting his crew rested for a campaign fund raising event in Las Vegas the next day. As well as a Secretary of State that actually understood “What difference did it make?”, or a Secretary of Defense whose immediate response was not to the effect that “One of the military tenants is that you don’t commit assets until you fully understand the tactical situation.” Was he not watching a live feed from the unarmed drone, and he didn’t understand the tactical situation?

Ultimately it comes down to the question of who gave that order to stand down? Whoever that coward turns out to be should be exposed, removed from office, and face criminal charges for dereliction of duty.
The combat forces of the Untied States of America deserve leadership that really does “have their back” when the chips are down.


Ex-Chicago Cop: Zimmerman Acquittal to Cause Race Riots


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Social unrest will “dwarf the Rodney King and the Martin Luther King riots”

Paul Joseph Watson
June 28, 2013

Following a number of tweets making threats to kill white people if George Zimmerman is acquitted of murdering Trayvon Martin, a former Chicago police officer warns that the outcome of the case could spark race riots in cities across America.

George Zimmerman. Image: Wikimedia Commons

As Infowars reported yesterday, following the woeful performance of Rachel Jeantel, the state’s so-called “star witness,” a number of Twitter users took to the social network to express their intention to kill white people in retaliation for Zimmerman going free.

Tweets included remarks such as “If Zimmerman get off ima shoot the first #hispanic/white I see,” and “If they don’t kill Zimmerman Ima kill me a cracka.”

In an article entitled, America Will See Its Worst Race Riot Yet This Summer, Crime File News’ Paul Huebl remarks that the case against Zimmerman should never have been filed in the first place and that when the trial inevitably collapses with Zimmerman’s acquittal, “I fully expect organized race rioting to begin in every major city to dwarf the Rodney King and the Martin Luther King riots of past decades.”

Huebl is a licensed private detective and a former Chicago police officer.

“If you live in a large city be prepared to evacuate or put up a fight to win. You will need firearms, fire suppression equipment along with lots of food and water. Police resources will be slow and outgunned everywhere,” writes Huebl, adding, “America may see some combat related population control like we’ve not seen since the Civil War. Martial Law can’t be far behind complete with major efforts at gun grabbing.”

Huebl is not the only prominent voice to express fears that the outcome of the trial could lead to widespread social disorder.

Columnist and former senior presidential advisor Pat Buchanan warned last month that, “The public mind has been so poisoned that an acquittal of George Zimmerman could ignite a reaction similar to that, 20 years ago, when the Simi Valley jury acquitted the LAPD cops in the Rodney King beating case.”

Political Strategist Charles D. Ellison also warns that, “There is the risk of a flashpoint as intense as the aftermath of that fateful Los Angeles police brutality verdict in 1992,” if Zimmerman walks free.

“At that time, many underestimated the potential for social unrest. And a bit over 20 years to the date, many could be making the same miscalculation at this very moment. The ingredients are there in Sanford and they loom large nationally, from an economy barely managing its own recovery to an unemployment rate that’s much higher than it should be, particularly for African-Americans,” adds Ellison.

Some are even asking whether the law should be ignored and Zimmerman convicted simply to avoid race riots.

“Regardless of whether or not Zimmerman acted in self defense, a large segment of the population, particularly the black population, are demanding Zimmerman be punished. And if they don’t have their demands satisfied, it is possible they might riot,” writes a poster at the Aesops Retreat forum. “So would it be appropriate to consider potential riots when deciding on whether or not to prosecute Zimmerman? Or should justice be blind and follow the rule of law?”

Critics of the attempt to convict Zimmerman have cited numerous points of evidence which clearly suggest Zimmerman acted in self-defense and that the case against him was built largely on the back of contrived racial politics.

– Photos taken after the incident show Zimmerman with a bloody nose and lacerations to the head, suggesting he had been physically attacked by Martin;

– NBC News edited a 911 tape of Zimmerman’s call to the police to falsely depict him as a racist;

– Prominent black figures like Spike Lee and Jesse Jackson immediately portrayed the incident as an assault on the black community, stirring racial tension;

– President Barack Obama got involved in the case on the side of Trayvon Martin by stating, “If I had a son, he’d look like Trayvon.”

– A police report suggested Zimmerman had been flat on his back during the altercation and an eyewitness said that Martin was sat on top of Zimmerman beating and pushing him down;

– A responder at the scene said Martin’s knuckles were bloodied, suggesting he had injured Zimmerman with a punch;

– The lead investigator on the scene, Officer Christopher Serino, wrote that Zimmerman could be heard “yelling for help as he was being battered by Trayvon Martin.”

If some form of social disorder, be it limited or widespread, does ensue should Zimmerman walk free, authorities will be well prepared. The Department of Homeland Security recently put out another order for hundreds of items of riot gear in order to prepare for “riot control situations.” The federal agency has also committed to buying around 2 billion rounds of ammunition over the course of the last year.




The Editor:   Does Cumberland keep track of traffic on public streets, Lois ?

Neighborhood Watch Cat:   For sure, just like this.

The Editor:  What about PRIVACY ?

NWC:  There is no expectation of privacy on a public street.

The Editor:  What about women wearing a niquab ?

Turban Cat:  It is illegal to cover your face – from the forehead to below the chin – on Cumberland, while in public.  What anyone does behind closed tent flaps is their own business.

The Editor:   How can minority citizens wear their ancestral clothes ?

TC:  They just have to keep their face visible, like me when I travel to Muslim countries.



American Medical Association:  We found evidence that Autism is caused by things in the environment.

The Editor:   They are really making progress, Lois.

M D Cat:  The victims were always on their minds.  Autism isn’t caused by any living thing, that means it is from the environment.   Any fool can check what has changed since the 1960’s.   Maybe it is the number of vaccinations with mercury in them that babies take.  Maybe it is air pollution.  Maybe it is pesticides/herbicides sprayed on food.  Maybe it is hormones given to animals.  Maybe it is toxins is plastic containers.  Maybe it is legal/illegal drugs that pregnant women take.   Maybe it is a little of each.

The Editor:  They will work it out, M D Cat.

HMO Cat:  Sure, when a million families have been destroyed.   Don’t forget chlorine and  fluoride  in the water.  Don’t forget a little radiation here and there.

I guess it is their misfortune.



Chris Christie Obese N.J. Governor:  Should I worry about the 2016 presidential race ?

Prescient Cat:    Worry about losing 200 pounds and these imports from Asia.

The American Middle Class:  May we take a vacation this year ?

PC:    You may, but don’t get sick or in an accident.  Here are some beaches to visit, if you missed a paycheck go to the polluted or bacteria infected beaches.

TAMC:  May we visit Cumberland’s beaches ?

PC:  If your papers are in order, Amigo does enforce the laws.

PC:  If you hurry you can make Founders Day.