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The Editor:  Those Royals certainty are entertaining aren’t they Lois ?

Cleopatra’s  Cat:   They sure are.  The Sphinx would like to thank Ken Mitchell for showing me with Cleopatra.  Those were the days, when Royalty was the tops.  ” It was good to be the King “.

The Editor:   Are the British Royals still doing well, CC ?

CC:   Absolutely,  Harry is going to show Georgie how to have ” FUN “.

The Editor:  Will Harry be a mentor to his nephew, like Ted Kennedy was to his nephews ?

CC:  No,  a week after his Vegas trip, he was in Afghanistan fighting the terrorist.  As a matter of fact all male Royals serve in the military.  Unlike American office holders.




The Editor:  Lois,  some of our Loyal-Royal Readers need a little more help on this English Succession Thing.  Specifically, what is a consort and a regent ?

King of the Jungle Cat:  Here are the definitions.

The Editor:  Can you simplify it for our readers in Congress or the White House ?

Regent Cat:    A Queen consort is like Monica Lewinsky & Slick Willy.   She fulfilled some duties as ” Intern Consort “, but had no power-except the blue dress and phone sex tapes.    Hill would have been ” White House Political Prostitute Regent “.  A temporary position,  holding power for a short time.  Like this.

The Editor:  They all seem to be a mirror of today’s America, is there one video to sum it up, RC ?

The Editor:  Is there anything we can do ?

RC:  Just sit back and enjoy the ride,  H. and B. are the sleaziest, amoral, ticks, slugs, leeches, pieces of trash to occupy the White House,  except for O and M.  I hope H wins the 16 election and the Democrats win back the House and Senate.

If I had a Daddy…

If I had a Daddy, he would look just like you. “


“Yes he would, young man…and I can assure you that I will do my part to keep the American Black community so involved in the Travon case that they will not realize that I have completely destroyed your country. Now, off you go….I got Airforce One to catch!