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The Editor:     Can you describe evil, for our loyal readers, Lois ?

Not Evil Cat:   I feel like Justice Potter  on the Supreme Court, when asked about pornography.    I know it when I see it.

The Editor:  Is it ” morally bad ” as Webster defines it ” ?

NEC:    It is that, but more.   From a cat’s viewpoint it is the extreme limit of bad.  Killing chickens for food isn’t bad, but if you kick them around, keep 20 in a 5×5 cage, and abuse them it is evil.  There isn’t much more you can do to them.  Here is a special on evil week.

The Editor:  Do you have to be like Hitler to be evil, can you give an example ?  

Memorial Cat:   No, it is the intent that makes it evil.  Here is an example.   Closing the highway view of Mt. Rushmore, closing the road to the Flight 93 plane crash in Pennsylvania, fencing off the Lincoln Memorial, Vietnam Wall, an WW 2 open air memorials was evil.  The WW 2 closing was particularly disturbing because these veterans are dying daily.

You would have to be a petty, vindictive, small, grudge bearing, vengeful, spiteful, intentionally causing anguish and harm on helpless people type of person to close these sights.

The Editor:  Those are pretty strong words, do we know someone like that, MC ?

MC:  Here is a picture that is better than he deserves.




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The Editor:   Who are we exposing today, Lois ?

Muckraker Cat:  This War Criminal is complaining about a policy he helped make.  He should be tried as a war criminal.

We should also try his boss Bush 43 for war crimes.  Send them to The Hague, Netherlands for trial.




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The Editor:   Who is curious, Lois ?

Curiosity Cat:   Dead millionaires want to know why they pay taxes, but they do not have a WORKING LINK TO O CARE.

CC:  Spanish speaking people want to know why their link doesn’t work.

Cry me a river.….Rio%20Grande

The Editor:   CC, why is John Wayne a near- miss on the income list ?

Rio Grande Cat:   He only protects Cumberland’s borders.




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The Editor:   Can you revisit Obamacare for us, Lois ?

Uninsured Cat:   I have a few details, most of the money for IT work is going overseas to UK/Canada, and India.

The Editor:  That is probably a coincidence, UC.  Most contracts are put up for bids.

Graft/Corruption Cat:  This contract was awarded  WITHOUT a bid.  The contract was also awarded to a company with Michelle Obama’s class mate as vice president.

The Editor:  Maybe they gave it to Moochelle’s classmate because NO ONE EVER REMEMBERS GOING TO COLLEGE WITH OBAMA—MAYBE HE DOESN’T HAVE ANY CLASS MATES.

Kick- Back Cat:   The American Taxpayers are really Stupid.

The Editor:  Have you heard anything on your bid for the Death Squad Contract ?

Grim Reaper Cat:  Not yet, but we are hopeful,   our offices are located back-in-time to the nineteen-forties, and in deep space.  That is about as far from America ( Outsourcing ) as we could get.  One plan is a little on the cheap side, but we do the best we can. 

The Editor:   Can you show a quick presentation of your Death Squads, for our new loyal readers ?

GRC:   Sure.

This is our slogan and logo.                  Come For a Visit and Stay Forever





The Editor:   What are we mixing and matching, Lois ?

Who Cat:  O’s policies.  Here is his foreign policy.

That looks pretty good compared to SON OF FAST AND FURIOUS.

The Editor:   Are you reporting on illegals today, WC ?

Lois Lion Fish Cat:  Yes, here is an example concerning the real cost of illegals.

LLFC:  The only fish I like are from StarKist or Bumble Bee.

Maybe we could put a bounty on the fish, and make pet food instead of importing poison food from China.






The Editor:  Does Cumberland have an Army,  Lois ?

Sergeant Major Cat:  You bet, it is one of our governments few public institutions.   It is a drafted force.  Everyone’s birthday is entered into a drawing and winners are picked to serve two years of service.

The Editor:  Who is exempt, isn’t a volunteer force better ?

SMC:  The disabled are exempt.  A volunteer force fosters second class citizenship, members serving 7 tours of duty, and wars lasting ten years, because the sacrifice isn’t distributed to the whole country.  If G.I. Jane and Joe are everyone’s children the politicians can’t abuse them.  They can’t force them to serve more than one year in combat.

The Editor:  Can the politicians get around the law ?

SMC:  No, when they vote for war, they also volunteer to serve in some capacity, maybe just as cooks.   

The Editor:  Do men and women have the same jobs ?

SMC:  No, there are physical differences.  Our standards aren’t lowered to be politically correct.  There are also differences in their uniforms.

The job of our Marines in time of war is to kill the enemy, and break things.   Let O and Congress wear the ” Metrosexualletsgotothemallandshophats”.




The Editor:  Is this information the same as advice, Lois ?

Info Cat:  I don’t give advise or medical opinions.      

CFTBL:  After eating GMO’s I want my Tadpoles to have a better life, can you help ?

IC:  Here is some information concerning GMO——-All anyone should know.   It even includes a list of companies that don’t use GMO foods.  GMO foods aren’t allowed in Europe or most countries where the chemical companies can’t bribe the government.

New Mother:  May I give my baby mother’s milk bought on-line ?

IC:   That is the stupidest thing that I have heard of lately.  Do you know the milk producer’s health history ?  How many diseases can be transmitted through mother’s milk ?  That is as stupid as taking an egg or sperm from an anonymous donor.  You are too stupid to have a baby.

Pet Owner:  Is pet food made in China safe ?

IC:   No, any food made in China should be banned.  The American Government is corrupt, and the people are stupid, for importing food not inspected.

Your pets would be better off if you let them freeze.