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Sphinx Main

The Editor:   Who are we exposing today, Lois ?

Muckraker Cat:  This War Criminal is complaining about a policy he helped make.  He should be tried as a war criminal.

We should also try his boss Bush 43 for war crimes.  Send them to The Hague, Netherlands for trial.




Sphinx Main

The Editor:   Who is curious, Lois ?

Curiosity Cat:   Dead millionaires want to know why they pay taxes, but they do not have a WORKING LINK TO O CARE.

CC:  Spanish speaking people want to know why their link doesn’t work.

Cry me a river.….Rio%20Grande

The Editor:   CC, why is John Wayne a near- miss on the income list ?

Rio Grande Cat:   He only protects Cumberland’s borders.





The Editor:   What are we mixing and matching, Lois ?

Who Cat:  O’s policies.  Here is his foreign policy.

That looks pretty good compared to SON OF FAST AND FURIOUS.

The Editor:   Are you reporting on illegals today, WC ?

Lois Lion Fish Cat:  Yes, here is an example concerning the real cost of illegals.

LLFC:  The only fish I like are from StarKist or Bumble Bee.

Maybe we could put a bounty on the fish, and make pet food instead of importing poison food from China.






The Editor:  Is this information the same as advice, Lois ?

Info Cat:  I don’t give advise or medical opinions.      

CFTBL:  After eating GMO’s I want my Tadpoles to have a better life, can you help ?

IC:  Here is some information concerning GMO——-All anyone should know.   It even includes a list of companies that don’t use GMO foods.  GMO foods aren’t allowed in Europe or most countries where the chemical companies can’t bribe the government.

New Mother:  May I give my baby mother’s milk bought on-line ?

IC:   That is the stupidest thing that I have heard of lately.  Do you know the milk producer’s health history ?  How many diseases can be transmitted through mother’s milk ?  That is as stupid as taking an egg or sperm from an anonymous donor.  You are too stupid to have a baby.

Pet Owner:  Is pet food made in China safe ?

IC:   No, any food made in China should be banned.  The American Government is corrupt, and the people are stupid, for importing food not inspected.

Your pets would be better off if you let them freeze.





The Editor:  It must be serious for a second weather alert,  Lois ?

Cool/Cold Cat:  It certainly is serious.  Here is Amigo making crucial medical deliveries.

The Editor:  Why didn’t he send it by train ?

3C:  He tried, but they were snowed in.

Thank goodness for those stupid dogs.

The Editor:  Will it be a bad weekend, 3C ?

Snow Tiger:  It sure will be, here is what to expect.




Fukushima Resident:   When can my family move back home, our family has lived there for a thousand years ?

Answer Cat:   Never, Tokyo will be evacuated soon.  Buy some stock in Geiger Counter companies,  companies that make Iodine Pills, and companies that make those white Haz-Mat suits.–finance.html

Fukushima Resident:  Maybe we could learn Spanish  and move to Argentina ?

Answer Cat:   They are learning the blessings of herbicide and pesticide use.  In a few years half of your babies will have Autism, Cancer, and other health problems.

Another problem would be getting to Argentina, Bong airplanes catch on fire quicker than a Zippo, Buddhist Monk, or one of Al Gore’s Karma Cars.

The Editor:  Could we have a song, AC ?




SOS Cat:  No, that is just same old stuff.  Here are some emergency SOS’s, etc.

SC:  I like this one.  You can even use it when blinking your eyes, or  sending smoke signals.

This is for people really in a pickle. ter-spots-their-s-o-s-on-hawaii-beach%252F%3B903%3B586

This is my all time favorite, when your atoms get mixed with those of a fly, in the transporter.   Sometime a simple help will do.

This is a famous one.