Archive | October 3, 2013



The Editor:   Can you explain the shut down, Lois ?

Money Cat:   Half the government wants to control spending and half doesn’t.   Here is the national debt.  This is money borrowed or printed in the past to spend on projects.

The Editor:   Why did Congress approve the borrowing ?

Budget Cat:   They wanted to bribe voters, give government loans to their buddies, and give everyone their piece of pie.

The Editor:   When is tax freedom day, you know, how long do you work to pay taxes for a year ?

Who pays the borrowed money back ?

There is no plan to pay it back.  Here is the current operating plan to  (  raise revenue )  get by until the government crashes. Chris Christy  ( R-NJ ) is a guest actor.

The Editor:   People say our grand children will be paying it back, is that true ?

Fat Cat:   It is if there is a USA in 2113.