Archive | October 12, 2013



The Editor:   Is space a big deal on Cumberland, Lois ?

Space Cat:   That is where the future is, this planet is almost beyond hope, unless Ison hits it like an unarmed woman in D.C.   Space is even a hazard.   Before long space around the Earth will have more debris than dead unarmed minority women at D.C. security checkpoints.

Here is a science test Amigo added to our immigration test, you need to know a little about science to understand ” stuff “.

The Editor:  SC, do you have first hand knowledge of science principles ?

Gravity Cat:  I don’t know as much about gravity as Hillary, I hope her health doesn’t come up in the primary.

The Editor:   We are short on time, could you tell us about your personal experience with science ?

Program Cat:  I certainly will, but at the moment our satellite link is passing over,  Amigo said we were upgrading our facilities.