Archive | October 13, 2013



The Editor:   What is America’s standing in education,  Lois ?

Union Teacher Cat:  What is wrong with our future, you know, everyone says that children are the future ?

What A Joke Cat:  CNN is waking up, they must be broadcasting  mostly in Spanish.   Maybe they are tired of the government schools teaching kids how to put a condom on a cucumber, instead of what their parents did to save the world.   Who has the most expensive education system in the WORLD ?

The Editor:  How does a country that out spends everyone, end up with dumb kids ?

WAJC:  The grown ups are even more stupid.  Most of the money goes to teacher unions,  administrators, and DIVVVEEEERSITY programs.

Here is the entire American History Program of American Schools.  It has been updated to rap/or something similar, but Amigo refuses to play it.