Archive | October 14, 2013



The Ghost of People Run Over BY Government Vehicles:  Are San Fran-sico government employees still running over citizens and guests ?

Enquirer Cat:   Recently, everything is being covered up, except this.

The Editor:    I’m not going there, it just isn’t safe. What about you, EC ?

Hospital/Dash Cam Video Cat:  I’m not wasting a life there or in D.C.  You are dead in either place, except no child is needed in Frisco.    Where are the hall videos, and police dash camera videos for the D.C, executioners ?

Loyal Reader Edd:  What do I get for a 100 on the science test ?

Sailing Cat:  If you master the QRK you can help Amigo select three applicants for his next First-Mate Class.

Rocky:  Is the Congressional Gym still open, SC ?

Get Physical Cat:   It sure is–you get what you pay for.   They just go there for sex and dope.   These jokers should wear suits like Nascar Drivers, with their lobbyist’s name on it.