Archive | October 19, 2013



The Cisco Kid and Pancho Ghosts:  Can we come out of the chuck wagon now, and admit to being illegal ?

U.S. Government:  You sure can.  TAXPAYER PAID FOR BENEFITS are line one, salsa is line two, and protest actions are line three.

The Editor:   Can the government do that, Lois ?

George Washington Cat:   They can and have been for thirty years.  If the government wants thirty million people speaking Spanish, that is fine.

I just take care of my family and friends, luckily, I could not care less what they do.

The Editor:  Don’t you care about America, GWC ?

Me Cat:  I’m like O and the others, I care about me.  America is bankrupt, economically, spiritually, morally, and production wise.  My parting thought is this.