Archive | October 22, 2013



Fukushima Resident:   When can my family move back home, our family has lived there for a thousand years ?

Answer Cat:   Never, Tokyo will be evacuated soon.  Buy some stock in Geiger Counter companies,  companies that make Iodine Pills, and companies that make those white Haz-Mat suits.–finance.html

Fukushima Resident:  Maybe we could learn Spanish  and move to Argentina ?

Answer Cat:   They are learning the blessings of herbicide and pesticide use.  In a few years half of your babies will have Autism, Cancer, and other health problems.

Another problem would be getting to Argentina, Bong airplanes catch on fire quicker than a Zippo, Buddhist Monk, or one of Al Gore’s Karma Cars.

The Editor:  Could we have a song, AC ?