Archive | October 24, 2013



The Editor:  Is this information the same as advice, Lois ?

Info Cat:  I don’t give advise or medical opinions.      

CFTBL:  After eating GMO’s I want my Tadpoles to have a better life, can you help ?

IC:  Here is some information concerning GMO——-All anyone should know.   It even includes a list of companies that don’t use GMO foods.  GMO foods aren’t allowed in Europe or most countries where the chemical companies can’t bribe the government.

New Mother:  May I give my baby mother’s milk bought on-line ?

IC:   That is the stupidest thing that I have heard of lately.  Do you know the milk producer’s health history ?  How many diseases can be transmitted through mother’s milk ?  That is as stupid as taking an egg or sperm from an anonymous donor.  You are too stupid to have a baby.

Pet Owner:  Is pet food made in China safe ?

IC:   No, any food made in China should be banned.  The American Government is corrupt, and the people are stupid, for importing food not inspected.

Your pets would be better off if you let them freeze.