Archive | October 25, 2013



The Editor:  Does Cumberland have an Army,  Lois ?

Sergeant Major Cat:  You bet, it is one of our governments few public institutions.   It is a drafted force.  Everyone’s birthday is entered into a drawing and winners are picked to serve two years of service.

The Editor:  Who is exempt, isn’t a volunteer force better ?

SMC:  The disabled are exempt.  A volunteer force fosters second class citizenship, members serving 7 tours of duty, and wars lasting ten years, because the sacrifice isn’t distributed to the whole country.  If G.I. Jane and Joe are everyone’s children the politicians can’t abuse them.  They can’t force them to serve more than one year in combat.

The Editor:  Can the politicians get around the law ?

SMC:  No, when they vote for war, they also volunteer to serve in some capacity, maybe just as cooks.   

The Editor:  Do men and women have the same jobs ?

SMC:  No, there are physical differences.  Our standards aren’t lowered to be politically correct.  There are also differences in their uniforms.

The job of our Marines in time of war is to kill the enemy, and break things.   Let O and Congress wear the ” Metrosexualletsgotothemallandshophats”.