Sphinx Main

The Editor:   Can you revisit Obamacare for us, Lois ?

Uninsured Cat:   I have a few details, most of the money for IT work is going overseas to UK/Canada, and India.

The Editor:  That is probably a coincidence, UC.  Most contracts are put up for bids.

Graft/Corruption Cat:  This contract was awarded  WITHOUT a bid.  The contract was also awarded to a company with Michelle Obama’s class mate as vice president.

The Editor:  Maybe they gave it to Moochelle’s classmate because NO ONE EVER REMEMBERS GOING TO COLLEGE WITH OBAMA—MAYBE HE DOESN’T HAVE ANY CLASS MATES.

Kick- Back Cat:   The American Taxpayers are really Stupid.

The Editor:  Have you heard anything on your bid for the Death Squad Contract ?

Grim Reaper Cat:  Not yet, but we are hopeful,   our offices are located back-in-time to the nineteen-forties, and in deep space.  That is about as far from America ( Outsourcing ) as we could get.  One plan is a little on the cheap side, but we do the best we can. 

The Editor:   Can you show a quick presentation of your Death Squads, for our new loyal readers ?

GRC:   Sure.

This is our slogan and logo.                  Come For a Visit and Stay Forever



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