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The Editor:  Do you know about robots, Lois ?  

Bot Cat:  I certainly do.   I have one, it can drink alcohol, which isn’t true in every galaxy.

The Editor:  Can you give our scientific minded, loyal readers a brief history ?

Droid Cat:  Here are a few clips of the early years.

The Editor:  That is amazing, are they getting smaller ?

Munchkin Droid Bot Cat:  For sure.  Here is the current news, that DARPA has allowed to be released.

The Editor:   Does the future look bright for humans and robots, Lois ?

Future Munchkin Droid Bot Cat:   It must be bright, what could Foxtrot, Uniform, Charlie, Kilo, it up?

The Editor:  Do you have a song, FMDBC ?

ABC Cat:  I have a potpourri.




Sphinx Main

The Editor:  Do you have a Thanksgiving message, Lois ?

LL:  Just this, from a North Carolina-Tar Heel.




Sphinx Main

The Editor:  Because what, Lois ?

William Buckley Cat:   The anarchist are trying to make ” because ” a preposition, instead of a conjunction.

The Editor:   Who cares, half the people in America speak Spanish and half twitter,tweet, etc., on their smart phones.  They haven’t written a complete sentence in years.

WBC:   WFB JR’s Ghost doesOne day there might be a shortage of conjunctions.   I just can’t see ” because ” as a preposition.

The Editor:  I don’t see the problem.  Give our loyal readers an example.

Language Cat:   Look at the previous link.  This is just another attempt to bastardize the language, and bring everyone down to a common level of ignorance, laziness, sloth, and general level of ” average “.       Have you ever seen an average raise the top performers ?  Stick a ” because ” in this.

Frankly my dear, because.




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The Editor:   Where is the Northeast, Lois ?

Traveling Cat:  Here is a map, why do you ask ?

The Editor:   I want to issue a weather alert.

Weather Cat:  That’s amazing, we are naming storms and blizzards.   I like some other names of the country, Land of the Big Sky,  The Great Plains, Rocky Mountain States,  Pacific Northwest, Four Corners, Deep South, The Continental Divide, etc.

I hope everyone is careful over Thanksgiving.  If you fly a new Bong Airplane remember they ICE UP IN STORMS-unless they are on fire.




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The Editor:  Are there a lot of new trends and things, Lois ?

License To Carry Cat:  Here is a new game that young people play.

The Editor:  That is weird, no robbery or anything, I guess they are just misguided.

LTCC:  That must be it, they are bored.   Citizens are catching on to the game.—Point-em-Out-Knock-em-Out-231443411.html?device=phone

The Editor:  Maybe when a few minority perps are killed- –  Al, Jessie, and Rangle will speak out.  Is there another trend ?

Bong Cat:   Here is a plane landing at the wong airport,  what an attentive pilot.

He is one ” goose in the engine ” from this ending.

One thing is for sure, people will kill you for anything or nothing.



The Day America Lost…….

jfkI love surveys. I recently completed a little survey of my own about the assassination of our 35th president. I queried email friends and associates, juniors in high school, seniors in college, employees from Caterpillar in Griffin, friends from Curves in Griffin and employees from Woodmark in Jackson. I gathered a total of 162 opinions. Only 8% of the people believe that Oswald acted alone in the assassination. Others believe that a conspiracy involving various individuals or groups (LBJ, Nixon, Cuban Mafioso, FBI, CIA, Mafia, Bush people, Federal Reserve Bank) assassinated our president. One person thinks that America killed Kennedy and one person thinks Carlos Marsella of the Genovese family is the guilty party.

Today is the fiftieth anniversary of the assassination of John Fitzgerald Kennedy. The old standard question continues to be asked, “Where were you when Kennedy was assassinated?” I remember very well. It  was Friday and I was in the seventh grade. I was playing hookey from school with a friend. When the announcement was made, we were watching television at her house. I ran home to tell Mama. She worked the night shift at Martha Mills at the time. When I woke her from sleep, her first question was, “What are you doing home from school?”  I said, “President Kennedy was just killed.” She never asked again about me being out of school that day. Hopefully, because the assassination was more important.

I do not know if my Mama voted for John Kennedy or not. I can remember asking her to vote for him because he was so cute. I also remember her telling me “that is not why we vote for people to be president.” To this day it gets more confusing to me, why DO WE vote for them to be president? The confusion grows more each year. The older I get, the more confused I become. With age comes wisdom, with wisdom comes confusion. Especially in the case of politics.

I have always been intrigued by the assassination of JFK. I cannot explain why, from a seventh grade point of view, I always thought there was more to it than Oswald. I know for sure the word conspiracy was not a word in my daily childhood conversations. It may have been on the daily spelling list in 1963. If so, I could have spelled it correctly, but certainly could not have explained it.

So many books have been written about the JFK assassination. I have probably read all the ones that have been printed. More are being released as the anniversary of his death draws nearer. The absolutely worst book (don’t waste your money on this one) is Killing Kennedy by Bill O’Reilly. He may be close on his rendition in Killing Lincoln and has recently written a history lesson in Killing Jesus, but he is way off base, in my opinion, on JFK.

Evading the truth is no different from blatant lies to me. Our politicians do…and have always… bounced around the truth as if the ground is burning their feet. Bill Clinton went on for hours about what the definition of IS…is…Anything but the truth. The truth eventually surfaces, at least parts of it seem to come up for air and get captured by an honest newspaper reporter or a camera. The problem with their lies is that they cannot keep them straight. Richard Nixon has a real interesting collection about November 22, 1963.

It seems that Richard Nixon was one of the few Americans who could not remember where they were when JFK was assassinated. At least, he could not remember which memory to consistently repeat. In one interview, he was told by a taxi cab driver in New York who had just heard it on his radio. In a story by Readers’ Digest a few years later, evidently a little old lady came running out of her house while he was at a stop light in New York and told him. Tricky Dicky said, “the lady was crying and hysterical.” Then….up popped the old ugly truth that was caught on camera.

Joan Crawford was the heir to Pepsi Cola in 1963. They were having a convention in Dallas, Texas on November 22, 1963. Guess who had the pleasure of sitting next to the beautiful movie star at the convention. Oh yeah, former Vice-President to Eisenhower and loser in the 1960 presidential election, Richard Nixon himself. The convention was adjourned when it was announced that Mr. Kennedy had been shot. Now, I ask anyone in Readerland…..could you have forgotten that you were sitting next to Joan Crawford at a convention in Dallas when it was brought to a premature close because the President of the United States (who had beat you in the last election) had just been assassinated? Me either.

George Bush (41) made some pretty stupid moves also. Before the assassination, he called the Secret Service to alert them that he had heard a young kid threaten to kill the president the following day in Dallas. He gave the kid’s name and address and claimed that he would be checking into a Dallas hotel the next day, as he was on a trip there at the time. Later documents reveal that he was already checked into the hotel and was actually calling from there to leave the message, the message turned out to be fake in all respects.

Lyndon Baines Johnson. What a loser. He hated JFK. He hated his brother, Robert. He hated Jacqueline. He hated the entire Kennedy family. News had leaked out through the press that JFK was about to dump him as his Vice-Presidential running mate in the upcoming  re-election campaign. Later released, classified documents show that the “false fact” was told to the press by Richard Nixon.

The CIA Director, Allen Dulles, (a leftover from President Eisenhower) continuously lied to JFK about the Cuban crisis. When the president found out that the “general population” of Cuba were NOT going to rise up against Castro, he refused to invade Cuba. This put President Kennedy is a terrible light with Americans and made him appear “soft on communism.” After the Bay of Pigs catastrophe, President Kennedy fired Allen Dulles from his Director of the CIA position and threatened to “break the CIA up into a thousand little pieces.”

I agree with some of all the books that I have read, but all of none of them. I think John Fitzgerald Kennedy was assassinated because he saw US military action in shades of gray, and other powerful people saw it in black and white. I think JFK signed his and his brothers death warrant when he called out the CIA and allowed his brother Robert Kennedy, his Attorney General, to call out organized crime and threatened to destroy them both. President Kennedy had also made it perfectly clear that he was withdrawing all American troops from Vietnam if he was re-elected.

The two politicians who stood the most to gain from a JFK assassination were definitely, LBJ and Richard Nixon. They resented him but could have done nothing about it, on such a large scale, without the operational capabilities given by equally resentful CIA leaders and organized crime bosses.

I appreciate Robert Kennedy for this action: Before he was finished, he fired every member of the Dulles family that was working in the federal government. When he found out that Allen Dulles’s sister, Eleanor, worked for Dean Rusk at the State Department, he insisted Rusk had to fire her too. His reason: He did not want any more of the Dulles family around.

In Robert Kennedy’s answer to the question “Who really killed your brother?” His prime suspect was Allen Dulles.

When the American people were to smart to swallow the…Oswald, lone gun theory… the Warren Commission was formed by LBJ to investigate the assassination of President Kennedy.

The first person LBJ appointed to the commission was Allen Dulles.

Go figure!!!

AS far as the Warren Commission’s investigation and  resulting consensus of Oswald and the lone gun theory….after watching the Zapruda film in slow motion, and reading the currently released-formerly secret classified documents: It has more holes than a sieve.

When shoving a person away from me causes them to fall towards me…When I can drop a bowling ball and it falls up instead of down…I may consider believing that the laws of physics and gravity allowed John Fitzgerald Kennedy’s brain splattered head to fall backward instead of forward, after he was supposedly shot in the back of his head with a rifle.



Sheila Tolley