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The Editor:  Do you know about robots, Lois ?  

Bot Cat:  I certainly do.   I have one, it can drink alcohol, which isn’t true in every galaxy.

The Editor:  Can you give our scientific minded, loyal readers a brief history ?

Droid Cat:  Here are a few clips of the early years.

The Editor:  That is amazing, are they getting smaller ?

Munchkin Droid Bot Cat:  For sure.  Here is the current news, that DARPA has allowed to be released.

The Editor:   Does the future look bright for humans and robots, Lois ?

Future Munchkin Droid Bot Cat:   It must be bright, what could Foxtrot, Uniform, Charlie, Kilo, it up?

The Editor:  Do you have a song, FMDBC ?

ABC Cat:  I have a potpourri.




Sphinx Main

The Editor:  Do you have a Thanksgiving message, Lois ?

LL:  Just this, from a North Carolina-Tar Heel.




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The Editor:  Is this a news update, Lois ?

News Cat:  Yes, here is a former Senator at work.  On Cumberland he would lose 90 % of his wealth and be banned for life.

Here are some new Americans here legally, only God knows what the thirty million illegals are doing.

Here is the rising cost of electricity.

The Editor:  Things look pretty bleak, NC.  Can we do anything ?

Electron Cat:    Think positive, I guess.




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The Editor:  Because what, Lois ?

William Buckley Cat:   The anarchist are trying to make ” because ” a preposition, instead of a conjunction.

The Editor:   Who cares, half the people in America speak Spanish and half twitter,tweet, etc., on their smart phones.  They haven’t written a complete sentence in years.

WBC:   WFB JR’s Ghost doesOne day there might be a shortage of conjunctions.   I just can’t see ” because ” as a preposition.

The Editor:  I don’t see the problem.  Give our loyal readers an example.

Language Cat:   Look at the previous link.  This is just another attempt to bastardize the language, and bring everyone down to a common level of ignorance, laziness, sloth, and general level of ” average “.       Have you ever seen an average raise the top performers ?  Stick a ” because ” in this.

Frankly my dear, because.




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The Editor:   Where is the Northeast, Lois ?

Traveling Cat:  Here is a map, why do you ask ?

The Editor:   I want to issue a weather alert.

Weather Cat:  That’s amazing, we are naming storms and blizzards.   I like some other names of the country, Land of the Big Sky,  The Great Plains, Rocky Mountain States,  Pacific Northwest, Four Corners, Deep South, The Continental Divide, etc.

I hope everyone is careful over Thanksgiving.  If you fly a new Bong Airplane remember they ICE UP IN STORMS-unless they are on fire.




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The Editor:  Are there a lot of new trends and things, Lois ?

License To Carry Cat:  Here is a new game that young people play.

The Editor:  That is weird, no robbery or anything, I guess they are just misguided.

LTCC:  That must be it, they are bored.   Citizens are catching on to the game.—Point-em-Out-Knock-em-Out-231443411.html?device=phone

The Editor:  Maybe when a few minority perps are killed- –  Al, Jessie, and Rangle will speak out.  Is there another trend ?

Bong Cat:   Here is a plane landing at the wong airport,  what an attentive pilot.

He is one ” goose in the engine ” from this ending.

One thing is for sure, people will kill you for anything or nothing.