My Aunt Ozarlean Barron….

Ozarlean Barron…@65 Years of age…when highway 19 was a two lane….

Aunt Lean

I LOVE my Aunt Ozarlean. I have so many wonderful memories of her. She lived in the two bedroom rock home at the intersection of Oliver Road and Highway 19. The house, which should be in Pike’s Historical Housing Listing, is invisible to sight now, as the house has been covered with the progress of Mother Nature and Father Time.

Aunt Lean, we called her….but she sure stepped into the role of “Mother” for me and many others for many years. The reason I have Aunt Lean on my mind today is because I am making a fruitcake with her recipe. I challenge you to enter her recipe into a contest anywhere in the world, with Pillsbury, Duncan Hines, etc., there will be no contest. My Aunt Ozarlean’s Fruitcake recipe is UNTOUCHABLE. It has ZERO flour and fillers. I am not printing the recipe here because I consider it a sacred family recipe.

Aunt Lean started work on her fruitcake as soon as the pecans fell each year. She would get busy picking up pecans, shelling them and storing them for her Christmas fruitcake. She would buy the other ingredients, a little at the time until it was time to cook her cake. She worked at Carter’s in Thomaston and helped so many others, financially , that to buy all the ingredients at once, would have been impossible.

Don’t get me wrong here about my Aunt Lean. Don’t “even think you could out-think, out-shoot, or out-muscle her” she could take you down the necessary notches, in a hurry!

If I could go to Heaven for a visit, this would be my agenda.

My first stop would be for my son, Darrell….then we would go talk to Aunt Lean for a spell.

I would have other loved ones  to visit…….but that would be my first two stops!

My Aunt Ozarlean’s fruitcake recipe is through cooking and smelling mighty good.

BUT….it will not be as good as Aunt Lean’s!

I LOVE you Aunt Lean.


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