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The Editor:    What stuff should our loyal readers secure, Lois ?

Patriot Cat:    They should secure the blessing of liberty,  again, from a tyrannical government, if they want to remain free.

Secure Cat:    They might also want to secure more tangible stuff, this is great.

Please keep in mind that it can’t replace seat belts.

Here is one thing to learn if you are ever invited to Amigo’s Sail Boat.  This is mandatory to come aboard.


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The Editor:  Is this about sex, Lois ?

Modest Cat:   A little bit, my ratings have dropped.

The Queen has been after Kate to wear longer dresses and/or panties ever since the Scottish Guard Incident.

The Editor:   Was she successful, MC ?

Fanny Cat:  No,  BUTT Kate doesn’t have to buy two tickets to fly commercial.

Maybe Willy should buy her some silk/satin undies.


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The Editor:   Are we through with recalls, Lois ?

USPS Cat:   Almost, our readers can sort through these and see if they bought any of these killers.–abc-news-topstories.html

The Editor:   Is anyone in charge, USPSC ?

Lobby Cat:   The big business/companies that buy the politicians with cash, trips, vacations, Thai sex, and power.


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The Editor:    Are  small cats brave, Lois ?

Braveheart Cat:    They sure are.   Usually we just get fed up with stupid people/dogs and restore harmony back to nature.  Here are two examples,  I hate to see a grown dog cry.

The Editor:   What did Fluffy say after the dog jumped on the couch, crying, BC ?

Ukraine Cat:   Fluffy asked the other dog if he wanted some to, if he was hard enough.  You know, like Putin asked O, after invading Crimea.–with-video–161925992.html


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The Editor:   What is Memorial Day, Lois ?

Vet Cat:  It is a day to honor people who died protecting the rest of us.


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The Editor:   Things sure do change, don’t they, Lois ?

X-Ray Cat:    They sure do.  Here is the latest on Fukushima.

The Editor:   If the children live they will have more gene damage than the average American.–finance.html

Catzilla Feline:  You would think that after the Godzilla Incident, that the Japanese would be more careful of radiation.

The Editor:   The mayor of New York, says they can handle Godzilla.

CF:   Sure they can.  Half of the Yorkers don’t even speak/read English.  They will stampede over each over like a scene from Red River  ( 48 minute mark ).


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The Editor:    Have there been new archeological finds, Lois ?

Mideast Cat:   There sure have, here are a few.

The Editor:   Is there anything new at Cumberland’s Dig ?

Ancient Cat:  Oh !   I almost forgot.

Moo appears to be telling O that the Mccain Character must be senile.  He hasn’t seen a police problem in twenty years that he didn’t want to send US troops to.   O appears to agree, except the Open Arizona Border.

O, also says that here are some freed killers to worry about, many in Mexi-Arizona, McCain’s home state.

Not Jail/Prison Cat:   They will miss these.

NJ/PC:   I almost forgot.