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The Editor:   Is identifiCATion necessary, Lois ?

Who Am I Cat:  It sure is, there are plenty of times when you need to tell the truth, your identity is part of that process.

The Editor:  When is ID required, WAIC ?

Just The Facts Cat:

When you go to any federal or state agency-there are hundreds of thousands of them.
When you buy tobacco.
When you buy Marijuana in some states
When you buy liquor.
When you use the bank.
When you fly.
When any law enforcement agency requests it.
When you go to the White House, Supreme Court, FBI, etc.
When you use a credit card.

The Editor:  You need ID to do almost everything but VOTE, what a trip.  What happens if you don’t have an ID, JTFC ?

DC Cat:  In Washington, D.C., they kill you if you are a black unarmed woman and have a  toddler in the car.  Then congress applauds your murder.  IF YOU LOOK AT THE FIRST VIDEO-THE COPS ARE TOO STUPID TO BLOCK HER CAR FROM BEHIND.

Astronomy Picture of the Day

Veins of Heaven
Image Credit & Copyright: P-M Hedén (Clear Skies, TWAN)

Explanation: Transfusing sunlight through a still dark sky, this exceptional display of noctilucent clouds was captured earlier this month above the island of Gotland, Sweden. From the edge of space, about 80 kilometers above Earth’s surface, the icy clouds reflect sunlight even though the Sun itself is below the horizon as seen from the ground. Usually spotted at high latitudes in summer months the night shining clouds made a strong showing this July. Also known as polar mesopheric clouds they are understood to form as water vapor driven into the cold upper atmosphere condenses on the fine dust particles supplied by disintegrating meteors or volcanic ash. NASA’s AIM mission provides daily projections of noctilucent clouds as seen from space.

Tomorrow’s picture: scene from planet Earth

Astronomy Picture of the Day


M31: The Andromeda Galaxy
Image Credit & Copyright: Jacob Bers (Bersonic)

Explanation: Andromeda is the nearest major galaxy to our own Milky Way Galaxy. Our Galaxy is thought to look much like Andromeda. Together these two galaxies dominate the Local Group of galaxies. The diffuse light from Andromeda is caused by the hundreds of billions of stars that compose it. The several distinct stars that surround Andromeda‘s image are actually stars in our Galaxy that are well in front of the background object. Andromeda is frequently referred to as M31 since it is the 31st object on Messier‘s list of diffuse sky objects. M31 is so distant it takes about two million years for light to reach us from there. Although visible without aid, the above image of M31 was taken with a standard camera through a small telescope. Much about M31 remains unknown, including how it acquired its unusual double-peaked center.

Tomorrow’s picture: open space


Sphinx Main

The Editor:    Do you know about Capitalism, Lois ?

Free Market Cat:  I sure do.   Here is how it works, but you have to read a few articles.

The Editor:  Will our loyal readers read those articles, FMC ?

Trust Buster Cat:  For sure, after each article they can have, liquor, drugs, or dope.   Here is how it works.  Someone invents a new product and it becomes indispensable.

They cost about $400.00, so every crook in town steals them.

The Editor:   Isn’t that billions of dollars each year just for replacement phones, TBC ?

Alexander Graham  Bell Cat:    It sure is.   THAT IS WHERE CAPITALISM AT ITS FINEST BEGINS.   The local governments want the phone makers to install a ” kill switch ”  which will disable the phone.

The Editor:   That is a great idea, the thefts of phones would stop and no one is killed.    What could be wrong with that ?

Teddy Roosevelt Cat:   The lobbyist for the phone industry/and makers of phones would lose BILLIONS in money in replacement phones.  They are one of many groups that fund your lawmakers re-election.   Stolen cars could also be disabled.