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THE SPHINX——–WHAT ??????????????

Sphinx Main
The Editor:   Lois, what usually happens when a person or group proves that they are inept, stupid, whorehoppers, incompetent, and undependable ?

Union Cat:   They would normally be fired, locked-up, banished, outsourced, or just plain avoided.   Oh !   Wait a minute, if this is regarding the Secret Service, all bets are off.  They just pay them in Pesos, and give weekly penicillin shots.

The Editor:   That is sad and pitiful,  they can’t guard a few acres because of incompetence, and now they want to perform an UNLAWFUL SEARCH AND SEIZURE on everyone who visits Washington, D.C.    They should reduce the carrot garden and put that money on more equipment.    They just want to take more rights away from citizens.–politics.html

Franken Cat:   This is what citizens should do, then take away the government guns, pensions, free cars, chauffeurs, airplanes, sex slaves, and dope.

I wonder why they didn’t murder these guys like they did  Miriam Carey.


Sphinx Main
The Editor:    What do you know about horses, Lois ?

Not Your Beast of Burden Cat:  Not much, they have been worked too hard by humans.  Horses, donkeys , burrows, they all have been abused by humans since recorded time.

The Editor:  Are there some that stand-out from the rest ?

Bible Cat:   Here are two asses.

Here is a famous TV horse, and a horse of a different color.

Jose/Miguel/Juan Cat:  This is a real working burrow, now smuggling in Cocaine and Heroin.

This is a great Native American Horse.


Sphinx Main The  Editor:  Do you know about coincidences, Lois ?

Chance/Probability Cat:  Are these facts coincidences, or a cause and effect ?

The Editor:  They appear to be cause and effect, almost like putting a bird feeder in your yard.  Maybe the citizens will get smart one day and open their eyes.


Sphinx Main
The Editor:  Is there anything new, Lois ?

Almost True Reporter:   Free Staten Island Chuck,   Free Charlotte’s Soul.

The Editor:  That is terrible, ATR, can you simplify the story for our Supreme Court Readers ?

Free Staten Island Chuck Cat:  For Sure, the mayor was afraid that Chuck would bite him, like he did a previous mayor, so he used Charlotte instead.  When she peed on the mayor, he threw her down like a white christian.  She died a few days later.  It is a sad story.

The Editor:   That is, indeed, a sad story.  Will SIC be back next year ?

FSIC Cat:  No, they are replacing him with Charlotte 2, his daughter.   When anyone bites a politician, even young boys or girls they mysteriously disappear, like Chandra Levy.

The Editor:   Why is Holder resigning, FSICC ?

Si Senor Cat:   O wants an Attorney General that speaks Spanish, his main clients.

Here is a Resignation NOT:   This nag just barely missed an upcoming horse special article

The Editor:  Government employees hide more stuff than the Easter Bunny.   They have no love.


Sphinx Main


The Editor:  September of 1940 was an important date for history, Lois.  The cave paintings at Lascaux  were discovered in France.

Neanderthal Cat:  That is amazing here is a virtual tour of the caves, one drawing is of a Unicorn.

The Editor:  Have there been any new interpretations of the ” Cumberland Dig ” NC ?

Cave Cat:  There sure have, but the creeps took out the drawing of Moo and  O, from my old article.  I guess the internet must be too full for a picture.   This is the next best article.

The Editor:   The cave people have turned white, gotten their hair styled, adopted a wolf, and shaved.   That is evolution I guess.   What do the drawings show at Cumberland ?

Neanderthal Cat:  They appear to show the female directing the male where to draw the Saber Tooth Tiger, and where to make another window.


Sphinx Main
The Editor:   Do cats know about finances, Lois ?

Fat Cat:   Do politicians know about sluts, young boys, dead girls, illegal drugs, and many other not-so-nice things.  The joke in DC is don’t get caught with a live boy or dead girl.  Slick Willy walked the line.  I know a bunch about money.   If you want to get rich and have no obvious talent, skill, special gift, or rich friends,  be a politician.   They make the laws and exempt themselves.  If you are poor or just beginning in the RAT Race, you will have to watch your money.   Here are some tips.  If you don’t follow them you will always be working for THE MAN.

Don’t ever borrow money for anything but a home, car, or real emergency.   If you use a credit card or Mark of the Beast implant pay the entire balance at the end of the month.   Treat money as a tool.

The Editor:  Who is THE MAN, FC ?

Slave Cat:   The government, you give it the power to take everything you own, even your life.

Here is a great site for honest answers.

Here is music from a guy whose song held the number one spot, in The United Kingdom,  for over 36 years.  Longer than any Elvis or Beatles songs.



Sphinx Main
The Editor:  Should we have a special edition for stupid news, Lois ?

Oval Office Cat:   We have one already, it originates in DC.   Here are some bizarre/strange stories.

Up Your Dress Cat:  Is the Texas Supreme Court saying that it is OK to photograph under women’s dresses ?

How long will the rich truck in water ?  Until the trucks are hijacked by thirsty new arrivals.