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The Editor:   Did O’s illegal kids cause the epidemic, Lois ?

A’chuw Cat:  You figure it out, one thing is for sure his kids won’t be in the same school as the illegals.

The Editor:   Did Virgin Galactic ignore safety concerns, AC ?

Amelia Earhart Cat:  My money is on pilot error.

The Editor:  Does the US government know who it is giving arms to in the Middle East, AEC ?

Muslim Cat:   They have no idea, until a couple of missiles shoot down a commercial jet, then it will be covered up like Fast and Furious and Benghazi.

The Editor:  Is everything secret in the US government, MC ?

Shussssss Cat:  Just tax money paying for sex, dope, sluts, and underage children.

Astronomy Picture of the Day

The Map of Dione
Image Credit: Map – Paul Schenk (LPI), Image Data – Cassini, ISS, JPL, ESA, NASA

Explanation: This cylindrical projection global map is one of six new color maps of Saturn’s midsized icy moons, constructed using 10 years of image data from the Cassini spacecraft. Discovered by Cassini (the astronomer) in 1684, Dione is about 1,120 kilometers across. Based on data extending from infrared to ultraviolet, the full resolution of this latest space-age map is 250 meters per pixel. The remarkable brightness difference between the tidally locked moon’s lighter leading hemisphere (right) and darker trailing hemisphere clearly stands out. Like other Saturn moons orbiting within the broad E-ring, Dione’s leading hemisphere is kept shiny as it picks up a coating of the faint ring’s icy material. The E-ring material is constantly replenished by geysers on moon Enceladus’ south pole. Lighter, younger surface fractures also appear to cross the dark, cratered trailing hemisphere.

Tomorrow’s picture: polar galaxy