Sphinx Main
The Editor:  Is this about puzzles, Lois ?

Confused Cat:  I am confused about some things.

The Editor:   What are they, our loyal readers might have the same confusion ?

CC:  Many college students think it is OK to kill 4 year old children.  It is called postpartum abortion, what a trip.

CC:  How many blood-suckers can the selling of one house generate.   Start the previous link with politicians and then real estate employees.

CC:  What a surprise, that released terrorist are back at their old job.  Vote for every candidate that supports O.

The Editor:   Who can people get to look after them, and their interest, CC ?

It Ain’t Me Cat:  The government- at a high cost, it certainly ain’t me.




  1. I find it UNBELIEVABLE that the average person does not realize that obama is nothing but a plant that was groomed and placed here at the proper time to be elected as president. His mission from the beginning was to bring America down. He has done a fine job of that little mission. No other race would have been guaranteed a winning seat in the oval office. The majority of the blacks would have voted for ANY black who had thrown his hat in the ring. And always will. The white college students filled full of liberal propaganda would also vote for a black and the Dems knew that…I guess it is no new news that I despise obama….I despise pelosi, I despise Harry reid, Eric Holder…..I think the ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS should be brought into My United States on a trade basis. For every 1 American who wants them here, they should swap places with them. Take your liberal ass to Mexico and we will take one of theirs. Undocumented Immigrant, MY ASS, they are tax ticks on tax paying Americans.

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