Sphinx Main
The Editor:   Are people interested in the sky, Lois ?

Cosmos Cat:  They sure are, unless they live in the city and have light pollution or riots, then the stars can’t be seen.  Here is a short video about the cosmos.

The Editor:  Is the sun stable, CC ?

CC:  It is about as stable as a nuclear reaction can be.  It is certainly safer than Fukushima.  Here is one thing that might kill us all and/or knock out all electricity.

The Editor:   Would all electricity be disabled, CC, even Hoover Dam/Lake Meade ?

Frizzy Cat:  It could be if a big x class CME hit the area.  The lake might also run dry.

Safety Cat:   As always–be careful of electricity.

I don’t think even Steve Zodiac and Venus could help.

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