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Sphinx Main
The Editor:  What is happening in the land of Switzers,  Lois ?

Gulfstream 6 Cat:  The Rich and or powerful/ politicians have been meeting in Davos, Switzerland to decide how to keep the rest of us under their thumb and broke.

The Editor:  What did they discuss, G6C ?

Short Pants Cat:  Shirley Temple,  and how to divide up the world’s nannies.

The Editor:   What is their eventual goal besides squashing the middle class like roaches,  SPC ?

Thirteenth Century Cat:   To have a few million slaves on horses, mules, or donkeys to serve their pleasures.

Astronomy Picture of the Day

A Night at Poker Flat
Image Credit: NASA / Jamie Adkins

Explanation: Four NASA suborbital sounding rockets leapt into the night on January 26, from the University of Alaska’s Poker Flat Research Range. This time lapse composite image follows all four launches of the small, multi-stage rockets to explore winter’s mesmerizing, aurora-filled skies. During the exposures, stars trailed around the North Celestial Pole, high above the horizon at the site 30 miles north of Fairbanks, Alaska. Lidar, beams of pulsed green lasers, also left traces through the scene. Operating successfully, the payloads lofted were two Mesosphere-Lower Thermosphere Turbulence Experiments (M-TeX) and two Mesospheric Inversion-layer Stratified Turbulence (MIST) experiments, creating vapor trails at high altitudes to be tracked by ground-based observations.

Tomorrow’s picture: citizen science