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Daylight Saving Time ends at 2 AM Sunday morning.  If you want to be on time Sunday set your clock BACK one hour before going to bed Saturday night.       BACK ONE HOUR

Here is a sports bonus.


The Editor:  Can you explain Halloween to our new readers, LL ?

Spooky Cat:   You bet, here is a brief history.

Watch out for this.

Here is my scary movie.


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The Editor:  Do you know about blimps, LL ?

Up Up and Away Cat:  I know enough to tie down the things.  Here are some links about the run away blimp.   The government was lucky to find it at all, using an Amish horse and buggy.

One rumor suggests that this guy was involved.

When in doubt use this knot, everyone should know how to use it.

Astronomy Picture of the Day

Ghosts and Star Trails
Image Credit & Copyright: Chris Kotsiopoulos (GreekSky)

Explanation: Don’t be scared. Stars won’t fall from the sky and ghosts won’t really haunt your neighborhood tonight. But it looks like they might be doing just that in this eerie picture of an eccentric old abandoned house in moonlight. A treat for the eye the image is a trick of stacked multiple exposures, 60 frames exposed for 25 seconds each. While the digital frames were recorded with a camera fixed to a tripod stars traced concentric arcs about the north celestial pole, only a reflection of planet Earth’s rotation on its axis. Conveniently marked by bright star Polaris, the pole could be positioned above the peaks of the deserted dwelling. Wrapped in a blanket to stay warm, the photographer’s own movements during the exposures were blended into the ghostly apparitions. Of course, the grinning Jack-o-Lantern is there to wish you a safe and Happy Halloween!

Tomorrow’s picture: monumental APOD

Astronomy Picture of the Day

IC 1871: Inside the Soul Nebula
Image Credit & Copyright: Sara Wager

Explanation: This cosmic close-up looks deep inside the Soul Nebula. The dark and brooding dust clouds outlined by bright ridges of glowing gas are cataloged as IC 1871. About 25 light-years across, the telescopic field of view spans only a small part of the much larger Heart and Soul nebulae. At an estimated distance of 6,500 light-years the star-forming complex lies within the Perseus spiral arm of the Milky Way, seen in planet Earth’s skies toward the constellation Cassiopeia. An example of triggered star formation, the dense star-forming clouds of IC 1871 are themselves sculpted by the intense winds and radiation of the region’s massive young stars. This color image adopts a palette made popular in Hubble images of star-forming regions.

Tomorrow’s picture: ghostly skies

Astronomy Picture of the Day


The Witch Head Nebula
Image Credit & Copyright: Jeff Signorelli

Explanation: Double, double toil and trouble; Fire burn, and cauldron bubble …. maybe Macbeth should have consulted the Witch Head Nebula. A suggestively shaped reflection nebula, this cosmic crone is about 800 light-years away though. Its frightening visage seems to glare toward nearby bright star Rigel in Orion, just off the right edge of this frame. More formally known as IC 2118, the interstellar cloud of dust and gas is nearly 70 light-years across, its dust grains reflecting Rigel’s starlight. In this composite portrait, the nebula’s color is caused not only by the star’s intense bluish light but because the dust grains scatter blue light more efficiently than red. The same physical process causes Earth’s daytime sky to appear blue, although the scatterers in planet Earth’s atmosphere are molecules of nitrogen and oxygen.

Tomorrow’s picture: Ghost Trails


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The Editor:   How is American education doing, LL ?

3 R’s  Cat:   About as well as could be expected from a Banana Republic.   Our students are terrible in geography.

They couldn’t find this ranch with On Star.

The politicians send their kids to private schools at $ 28,000.00 a pop.

Here are some places that will be out of their reach.

The Editor:   Are you saying that they won’t be rich, 3RC ?

Bridge Cat:  If the states keep following the federal government guidelines the children will be lucky to live under a bridge.


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The Editor:  What in the wide world of sports is going on LL ?   You mean the Cincinnati Bengals, don’t you ?

Pom Pom Cat:  No, I mean the Ben-gals, the cheerleaders.  They are trying to get paid the federal minimum wage, but the Bengals have creepy management.

The- Editor:   That is enough to make me hyphenate my name.  Is there anything left for the Ben-Gals to do to meet expectations, PPC ?

No Sagging Teats Cat:   One thing is that they can’t have sagging breasts.   They had better keep ole Tom Brady  from the Patriots away from them–remember he is the Deflategate champ from the Patriots.