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Representative Oliver.
First I’d like to tell you a bit about myself.  I am a U.S.Air Force
veteran who served this great country for 4 years during the Vietnam
War. Even though I never saw combat, I was with men that did and knew
that perhaps I might have to go. I would have if called. Didn’t
happen. Lucky me.
Since then I’ve worked for a major airline for 30 years and
retired.  I’m a husband, father, grandfather, a hunter, and a sportsman.
I am determined to protect myself, my family, and my property from the
tyrants of our time.  You madam fall into this category by introducing
I being a law abiding citizen, never been in jail, God and Country
loving American, think you and the other career politicians jumping on that
Democratic gun-grabbing bandwagon don’t understand:
We’re not the criminals this law would make us for not giving up our
guns, and I do believe and pray I would not be the only one to not do so.
Do something useful, pass a law to enforce the laws that we already have
against criminals and criminal activity. Keep them in jail where they belong.
Execute those that deserve to be executed.
Make a law that holds parents responsible for raising their children with
values, responsibility for their actions, respect for others and human life.Trying to take patriotic American’s guns solves none of our problems.
Wake up. We stand behind our 2nd and 3rd Amendment Rights. God Bless America.
Sincerely, Steven Reeves, Griffin,Ga.