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Here is some good TV for 4 weeks.


The Editor:  Why is there so much anxiety, LL ? A%3BDa

What Me Worry Cat:  There is very little to be anxious about, if you maintain a worthy house ( country ).   Americans take pills because the doctors are not trained in preventive medicine.  They give pills out like prizes in Cracker Jack boxes.  If someone is joked about it is like finding a frog in their Cheerios.

Here is one reason to be anxious.  By the time the TSA employees get through fondling you I want a cigarette and a shower.  If you don’t get fecal matter on your food tray, you get some disease from Ethiopia or Guatemala.

Maybe the new airline employees can figure out a workable plan.

Maybe even have a cigarette.


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The Editor:  Who is leading in the Fulmer Cup, LL ?

NCAA Cat:  The Tennessee Volunteers are in big trouble over an institutionalized sexual abuse problem.   People never learn, every new generation makes the same mistakes.

Here is a Duke player showing good sportsmanship.

HRC:  Did Ding Dong Un compare me to the South Korean President ?

Witch Cat:  He did.

The Donald:  Why are most of the old established Republicans out to get me ?

Political Cat:  You are a threat to their lobbyist kick-back Ponzi scheme.  Here is Harry Reid defending The Donald.

PETA:  Do cats get tired of snow, PC ?

Sunshine State Cat:   They sure do, here is one who ” hit the road “.


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Quote of the week.


Race Cat:  Daytona gets a remodeled track and closest race in history.

Here is another kind of driving.

Here is a tasty treat.



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Here is good news from a snake.


The Editor:  Is this about real snakes or politicians, LL ?

Rattle Cat:  It is about both.  Here are some real snakes.

Here are some snakes that the European governments let into their country.   The Progressives want to do the same to America.

There are even snakes in the water.


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The Editor:  Should we print our usual warning about electricity, LL ?

Benjamin Franklin Cat:  We should, we always lose a few readers who can’t follow instructions.   DO NOT MESS WITH ELECTRICITY UNLESS YOU HAVE SOME TYPE OF CERTIFICATION.   HERE IS YOUR DESTINY IF YOU ARE STUPID.

The Editor:  Why should our loyal readers be knowledgeable about electricity, BFC ?

9 Volt Cat:  It runs everything, maybe by land lines, maybe batteries, or even satellites.  Just remember electricity can be your best friend like Hillary, or your worst enemy like Rajib on top of the train car.  It isn’t particular about its victims, here are two who survived their carelessness.

The Editor:  That is sad, Volt Cat.  Is there a point to your electricity article ?

AC/DC Cat:  The point is that there are a lot of wires and electromagnetic  waves out there.  There hasn’t been any scientific test on their effect on sperm/eggs.  Sperms might be on the highway to hell.


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The Editor:  Is there good news, LL ?

Here is a Firefall in Yosemite National Park.

Jeb finally realizes that Bush 43 still isn’t thought very highly of by most Americans

Ralphie from ” A Christmas Story ”  who disappeared for many years has been found.

Death Valley is in bloom.


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The Editor:   Do cats have jobs, LL ?

Wake Me After Breakfast Cat:  No, the closest thing to a job for house cats is trying to sleep.  My previous number one job has been replaced by a newcomer.  His 6 years of absenteeism was noticed when his 20 years of service was about to be rewarded.   GO FIGURE

This replaced my previous number 1 job, which was the elevator operator for the U.S. Senate.

TE:  Why doesn’t congress push their own buttons, WMABC ?

Go Figure Cat:   Some members would have to be retrained.

I swear, the Senate, House, President, and other high government employees are treated better than The Queen of England and her family.  Here is Prince Harry working part time as a Nazi.,28804,2076816_2076800_2076811,00.html