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The Editor:  What is worthless, LL ?

Pop Cat:   One product that is worthless and actually harmful in many cases is POP, SODA, SODA POP, COLA, AND COKE OR COCA-COLA.   Almost all of the sodas are just junk liquid, full of artificial this and that.  Coke started off well, it was full of caffeine and real coke ( cola leaves ).  In the never ending quest to save a penny most of the colas use artificial everything.

The Editor:  Are all artificial sweeteners harmful, PC ?

Dixie Crystals Cat:  All except a couple will kill you.  You would be better off just eating honey-not the fake Chinese honey.

Google the artificial sweeteners in your colas and other food items.   Here are some good uses for some colas.

Astronomy Picture of the Day

Moon over Makemake
Illustration Credit: Alex H. Parker (Southwest Research Institute)

Explanation: Makemake, second brightest dwarf planet of the Kuiper belt, has a moon. Nicknamed MK2, Makemake’s moon reflects sunlight with a charcoal-dark surface, about 1,300 times fainter than its parent body. Still, it was spotted in Hubble Space Telescope observations intended to search for faint companions with the same technique used to find the small satellites of Pluto. Just as for Pluto and its satellites, further observations of Makemake and orbiting moon will measure the system’s mass and density and allow a broader understanding of the distant worlds. About 160 kilometers (100 miles) across compared to Makemake’s 1,400 kilometer diameter, MK2’s relative size and contrast are shown in this artist’s vision. An imagined scene of an unexplored frontier of the Solar System, it looks back from a spacecraft’s vantage as the dim Sun shines along the Milky Way. Of course, the Sun is over 50 times farther from Makemake than it is from planet Earth.

Tomorrow’s picture: Moon over Sunday


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The Editor:   Should  people who believe in the Constitution be hopeful, LL ?

Ben Franklin Cat:  Am I still on the $100, regardless there is a small flicker of hope burning in the least expected places.  Here are a few.  Maybe the courts will start enforcing the law on rich people.   Maybe ole Tom will skip those four games, maybe ole Hill-skank will get hers-just like General Petraeus.

Maybe The Supremes will follow this court.  There is no reason in the world to not have photo ID’s to vote.  In North Carolina if you don’t have a photo-drivers-license  the legal voters get a FREE STATE IDENTIFICATION CARD.  I’m tired of the lies about discrimination.

Maybe some food processors see the light.   The smaller portions will probably cost more.

Maxx saves the day.

Astronomy Picture of the Day

Fermi’s Gamma-ray Moon
Image Credit: NASA, DOE, International Fermi LAT Collaboration

Explanation: If you could only see gamma-rays, photons with up to a billion or more times the energy of visible light, the Moon would be brighter than the Sun! That startling notion underlies this novel image of the Moon, based on data collected by the Fermi Gamma-ray Space Telescope’s Large Area Telescope (LAT) instrument during its first seven years of operation (2008-2015). Fermi’s gamma-ray vision doesn’t distinguish details on the lunar surface, but a gamma-ray glow consistent with the Moon’s size and position is clearly found at the center of the false color map. The brightest pixels correspond to the most significant detections of lunar gamma-rays. Why is the gamma-ray Moon so bright? High-energy charged particles streaming through the Solar System known as cosmic rays constantly bombard the lunar surface, unprotected by a magnetic field, generating the gamma-ray glow. Because the cosmic rays come from all sides, the gamma-ray Moon is always full and does not go through phases. The first gamma-ray image of the Moon was captured by the EGRET instrument onboard the Compton Gamma-ray Observatory, launched 25 years ago.

Tomorrow’s picture: Moon over Makemake


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The Editor:   Is this about the UGA Bulldogs making a move on the Fulmer Cup, LL ?

Extra, Extra Cat:   No, a Bulldog Edition is an extra edition of the paper.  In the olden days kids would run around selling them.  Usually it was something important that couldn’t wait for the next scheduled edition.

TE:   Do you have an important story, EEC ?

Hey Kid Grab That Wire Cat:   I sure do, we have another stupid public employee.

They never learn, I print at least one article a year about electricity and its dangers.  When this driver sobers up she will probably get a job with the Secret Service.

Astronomy Picture of the Day

A Dust Angel Nebula
Image Credit & Copyright: Rogelio Bernal Andreo (Deep Sky Colors)

Explanation: The combined light of stars along the Milky Way are reflected by these cosmic dust clouds that soar some 300 light-years or so above the plane of our galaxy. Dubbed the Angel Nebula, the faint apparition is part of an expansive complex of dim and relatively unexplored, diffuse molecular clouds. Commonly found at high galactic latitudes, the dusty galactic cirrus can be traced over large regions toward the North and South Galactic poles. Along with the refection of starlight, studies indicate the dust clouds produce a faint reddish luminescence, as interstellar dust grains convert invisible ultraviolet radiation to visible red light. Also capturing nearby Milky Way stars and an array of distant background galaxies, the deep, wide-field 3×5 degree image spans about 10 Full Moons across planet Earth’s sky toward the constellation Ursa Major.

Tomorrow’s picture: gamma-ray moon


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The Editor:  How is the world doing, LL ?

All Shook Up Cat:  It is doing great.  20 % of Americans can take a vacation anytime they wish.

Nazi gold has been discovered, maybe.

Thirsty politicians want the Great Lakes water.

After 100 years Congress wants to clean-up the IRS.

Hair analysis is suspect.