You Will Vote for Clinton or Trump

Rep Jeff Brown (Ret.)



Either Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton will be our next president but many are in a quandary since BOTH are VERY flawed. Therefore some plan to vote for a third party candidate or not vote for any presidential candidate either of which is actually a vote for Clinton or Trump depending on how you have voted in the past. Since this is a fact please stop rationalizing and instead think through “the law of unintended consequences” before you vote.

Since the revelation of the 2005 tape where Trump made “lewd remarks about women” and well before this there has been a lot of sanctimonious denouncing of Trump but very little denouncing of Clinton in regard to the latest leaks of more of her emails, her 40+ years of VERY questionable dealings such as “pay to play” regarding the Clinton Foundation and her failures as Secretary of State.

That said in no way am I defending Trump for the stupid things he has said because defending Trump or Clinton’s character is foolishness. If you take exception to that in regard to Clinton I suggest you read “Clinton Cash” by Paul Schweizer or see “Hillary’s America” by Dinesh D’ Souza.

I have two basic reasons for voting for Trump and other Republican Congressional and Senate candidates. First I firmly believe they will have a far greater likelihood to best achieve my sincerest hopes for my family and this country which I’ll elaborate on next. Second many of Trump’s problems are words whereas Clinton’s are actions and actions have a much higher correlation with future performance than do words.

As for my hopes for the economy under President Obama it has experienced the worst recovery since the early 40s, the lowest labor participation since the 70s, lowest home ownership in 51 years, 12 million more on food stamps than when Obama became president and 8 million more in poverty. Since Clinton would be 4 or 8 more years of Obama Trump’s background argues for a much better economy.

The failures of the Obama/Clinton/Kerry foreign policies start with terrorism being on the rise primarily due to the emergence of ISIS which was largely caused by Obama’s premature withdrawal of US troops from Iraq. Additionally Obama’s “line in the sand” regarding Syria, Iran Nuclear Deal, Egypt, Libya (i.e. Benghazi), Yemen and the “Russian reset” were all failures.

Trump has a reputation of surrounding himself with experts and he is recognized as an astute negotiator. Therefore it is hard to imagine that his administration will have such a trail of failures. Importantly he calls our enemy what they are which is Radical Islamic Terrorists unlike Obama and Clinton.

Bill Clinton said it well when he said of Obamacare last week, “this crazy system.” It is obvious that we need healthcare to be affordable, accessible and effective and I believe the Trump plan best gets us there while Clinton’s plan only tweaks Obamacare.

The next president will nominate upwards of 4 Supreme Court Justices plus scores of Federal judges. Some Supreme Court cases to probably be heard include physician assisted suicides, religious freedoms, campaign finance, immigration, gun control and Obamacare so it will make a HUGE difference which Justices are nominated and confirmed. I like Trump’s list from which he will nominate Supreme Court Justices versus the type of Justices Clinton will most likely nominate; remember these are life time positions!

A stronger national defense, fairer taxes, improved racial relations (now the worst in decades), significantly reducing the 72% increase of law enforcement personnel killed this year vs last year, a wall along our southern border, jobs versus welfare, finally addressing the HUGE unfunded liabilities of Social Security and Medicare and beginning to reduce the unconscionable doubling of our national debt under Obama to almost $20 trillion are far more reasonable expectations under a Trump presidency than a Clinton presidency.

Trump is powerfully reminding blacks that 8 years of Obama have resulted in the above. Unlike the pandering of the Clinton campaign and decades of Democrats taking the blacks for granted Trump is about helping people get out of poverty. He has created thousands of jobs in the private sector versus none for Clinton. Further he opposes the job killing trade deals Clinton has been a part of, excessive regulations and the exporting of millions of jobs.

Just because Trump wants to do full background checks on Muslim refugees coming from terrorist countries; use the “rule of law,” which is one of our founding principles, in dealing with illegal immigrants; and whatever he has mythically done to blacks do not show him to be a racist.

To those who say they can’t vote for Trump because it would be an affront to God I ask where in the Bible does it say that? PCA minister John Barber of Jupiter, FL says, “Is it possible that God in His infinite wisdom has brought Trump along if for no other reason than to prevent the nation from sinking into the abyss of PC progressivism?” Remember God has used far more unsavory people than Trump. Governor Huckabee reminds us that we are not electing a “Pastor-in-Chief.” Finally I believe that unless Trump is elected this may well be the last presidential election where conservative Christians will have an opportunity to influence our national agenda.

Millions of Americans elected Trump and Clinton in the primaries as our two candidates one of whom will lead us for at least the next 4 years. Therefore before you vote I suggest you meditate long and hard on what you want for your family and our country and then vote accordingly!

Rep Jeff Brown(Ret)
LaGrange, GA

In case you would like to reply to Jeff, his email address is:

He welcomes your responses.


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