Sphinx Main

The Editor:   How do rules, laws, and similar guidelines work, LL ?

Socialized Cat:   They are supposed to provide a minimal guide for behavior.  It keeps millions of people from killing each other, working through social interactions.  If they aren’t followed they are useless.

The Editor:   Can you give our loyal readers an example, SC ?

SC:  I sure can, here is an umpire who should be over ruled, but wasn’t.  Major league baseball is a joke for not correcting mistakes made by incompetent umpires.

I quit watching baseball because it is a corrupt, insignificant form of entertainment.

Here is another way to influence agreed upon rules.

Outright lying is the most popular among news people and politicians.

TE:  What can a person do when the rich and powerful have their own rules/laws, SC ?

Until society collapses from its own corruption you have to build your own bridges.

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