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The Editor:  What is a great idea, LL ?

Off We Go Into The Wild Blue Yonder Cat:    Trump wants to cancel plans for a new Air Force One and Two I assume.   You can’t go to the bathroom if you are like Obama, without cranking up both planes.   Then you load your family, their buddies, the SS, news people, a caravan of cars and buses on other planes.  It is no wonder that it costs BILLIONS for the planes, personnel, maintenance, and security.   Obama and his scum political trips should be banned permanently.

This figure is about one-tenth of the real cost of O’s vacations.

The Editor:   What should a President fly, OWGITWBYC ?

Gulf Cat:   If he really needs to fly for Presidential business here is the ticket.

He might never use it, since he doesn’t need to fly anywhere to bow down, kowtow, or apologize for anything.

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