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The Editor:   What is ” false news “,  LL ?   It is the talk of all the news liars.

Nothing New Cat:  It is just lying, like the MSM has been doing for years.  Do you remember the altered 911 call in the Florida Zimmerman shooting ?  Do you remember that you can’t say Islamic Terrorist in about 20 American terrorist attacks ?  There is nothing new.  The MSM is losing viewers to Facebook, Tweeter, etc.  Their profits are dropping.  Here are some links about public opinion, propaganda, and just lying.

Oh, I almost forgot ole Brian.

The Democommunist are confused.

First Hill-loser ( the only candidate to lose three times as a Major Presidential Candidate-twice running and a third on the recounts in Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania ) is now trying to blame the Russians on her loss, even though the FBI  says that there is no connection.  The funny part is the 10 electors asking to see CIA Top Secret reports.  It sounds like a major rebellion, but 9 of them are Democrats and the other is a supporter of the War Criminal Bushes.   What a laugh.  One of the Democrats is the daughter of Nancy Pelosi.     You can’t make it up.


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