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This Sunday Jan 8th 2017 Is Hollywood’s Big Night.  The Golden Globe Awards.   Just so happens my big night was Nov. 8th my big award, I got a New President after 8 long years of stupidity, failures and wasted money.   Since my big award, the Election, the Hellywood bunch of left wing Idiots are in an up roar, in a panic, and do not want to be associated in any way with this Elect President, in fact they are doing everything possible to interrupt, interfere, and blackball  the Inauguration. Now why would I waste my time sitting in front of the tv to watch these glorified fools be awarded a Golden Globe? I have seen very little that Hollywood has put out movie wise in a long time.  The best days of Movies are long gone and the Best Movie Stars are also. I call on you, Conservatives, people with common sense, and good Moral values to change your tv channel on Sunday night, please do not support the Golden Globe. Just as our President elect Trump has decided he can do without the Nasty Media, we are getting the latest news straight from the horse’s mouth so to speak.  I say good for him, that shows those media spinning news Liberals their lack of value now! They now get time out, and hopefully for eight years.  I feel the same about Hellywood.  We don’t need their input or their filth. Screw their Golden Globe. I hope  you feel the same way.

From A Red Bloodied American, Praise God,

Cathy Brown



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