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The Editor:   What does that mean, LL ?

97 Octane Cat:   They changed personnel where Amigo buys gas, and they expected to be paid in advance, before pumping gas.   The moon and stars aligned yesterday.  Amigo bought beer, sat them on the floor, and then said he wanted to fill his truck.  The new associate told him to go ahead and fill his truck then come back inside to pay for everything.  Amigo asked,  what changed,  about the prepay policy.  The new associate said ”  nobody is going to get gas and leave beer “.       You can’t make it up.   Happy New Year.

This young woman should be in charge of some nonprofits.  Here is why you should check Charity Navigator before giving to a large out of town organization.

Iris scans are here.

One thought on “THE SPHINX—-THERE YOU GO

  1. That is too funny, Lois Lion. This associate needs to own other businesses. The return of Common Sense. I love it!

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