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The Editor:   Is that a good policy, LL ?

Good Samaritan Cat:  It sure is, a lot of people in government want to do it.   If you look closely it isn’t their money/rights/property they are giving away–it’s the taxpayers.

I bet the ghosts of the old Vikings are turning over in their tin helmets.

Not to be out-done the pedophiles in Californication are giving the poor, homeless, and troubled children away to pimps.  You won’t have to go to Thailand anymore.  I have often wondered why the US government hasn’t banned flights there.

Oh, I almost forgot, Dan Rather is teaching truth in the news.   Brian Williams and the witch don’t need the money.


  1. Maybe Dan Rather can ask Charles Manson to give a coarse on Ethics, before he goes back to prison, if he makes it out of the hospital.

  2. You remember Tony Bennet’s song…”I left my heart in San Francisco”….well, he will find it right where he left it, because that sorry bunch wants nothing to do with a heart. Now if he had dropped his penis…..a completely different story.

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