God Blessed America Again

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The strangest thing happened to me today. I asked myself, “What is wrong with me? Should I call 911?” I can remember having this feeling before so I decided to wait it out.

Then it hit me. I experienced this same feeling in 1981. It was January 20….it was Inauguration Day for Ronald Reagan.

It was an attack of AMERICAN PRIDE. It was HOPE for the future washing over me. It was the absence of FEAR. I felt tranquil, serene and calm.

I felt as if my two Grandsons will be fine, just in case God calls me on to Heaven.

I said a little prayer to Thank God for saving Donald Trump until the time was right to run for president.

I promised God that I would not mention obama’s name again.

I gotta run. I feel a little tear of happiness running down my cheek.

It is the happiest tear that I have had since Ronald Reagan left office.


Dear Lord,
I know I have bothered you once already today. …but I must ask just one more favor. Will you please keep “whats his name” in California? He really should send that plane back….but if that is what it takes to keep him in California…..let him keep it. Just between you and me, it is worn out anyway.



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