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The Editor:    Can California secede from the USA, LL ?

Robert E. Lee Cat:   No.   Here are a couple of reasons.    This is a fun topic that the news media likes to print.   Maine, Texas, California, it makes no difference.  The first thing the USA would do is indite every official involved, and charge them with sedition.  Then the USA would cut off their water supply, electricity, gasoline, etc.   The terrorist who supported the movement could move to Mexico, or face a military tribunal.  Basically they would be without a country or home.

The Editor:   Is there something you can compare it with, R.E.L. Cat ?

Hate Cat:   There sure is, ever since the election, all I have seen from the Clinton-Obama people is hate.   Unlike 41, they are all free people.  I have come to hope that they are squashed like cockroaches.

After the fracas, the Democrats would lose  55  electoral votes, more if Oregon and Washington state participated.

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