Oh yeah…Madonna…. your Left Liberal Leader…..Aren’t you proud…she even knows the F word

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When I was in high school, my Psychology teacher….Mrs. Yearwood, painted our class  bulletin board bright red. She never explained it, she would just paint a little each evening after school and the next day, more of the surface would be painted red. The point was, to illustrate that people notice changes. It worked…each day I would check out her painting progress……after a week or so, it became just another bulletin board. Our class basically ignored it, like we did other bulletin boards. BUT…as you can see here, I remembered the incident. I also remember Woodstock….even though I was not there.

I say all that to say this……all these silly ass marches of the left……will fade in a short time so that even the intelligent members of the left (both of them)  will eventually ignore the marching  of the Little Sorros Soldiers . They will just become “people in the way, taking up unnecessary parking space at airports and other places of public interaction.”

Rich man…. George Sorros…should just buy them a TV channel and post all their bitching and marching there…..they can record themselves, watch themselves, have little parties and watch reruns of themselves. They can become ever so important in their own minds. He can even have it photo shopped to make the crowds appear bigger and bigger….UNTIL………. they eventually become smaller and smaller……when old George Sorros kicks the proverbial bucket and those who he has paid to bitch and march, as well as, Flo from Progressive Insurance, are forced to get real jobs.

-Sheila Tolley-

One thought on “Oh yeah…Madonna…. your Left Liberal Leader…..Aren’t you proud…she even knows the F word

  1. I do hope they will go away, but Soros keeps pouring more and more money into making this thing grow, and get bigger. It is really sad to see how many sick people are in this world. They can’t see a good thing when it is just in front of them, (Trump). They can not even think for themselves. America must get it right this time, it is surely the last chance.
    Cathy B

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