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The Editor:    Do cats have opinions, LL ?

Opinion Cat:   I do.  I have a very strong opinion about the Progressives marching and using violence to show their hatred of middle America.   They have NO HIGH MORAL GROUND to protest the immigration policy.   These scums/trash want our country to let everyone in, regardless of our need of their presence.  These scums like Pelosi. Schumer, Pocahontas, and the violent demonstrators couldn’t care less about America or life.    They are so concerned about immigrants coming in that they forgot that they approve of partial-birth abortions.  They won’t even let embryos enter America.   Here is a judge in Texas that won’t allow hospitals and health facilities to cremate or bury embryos as prescribed by law.

These citizens of the world can take their drivel, gated communities, body guards, and fenced mansions to another country.   The Planned Parenthood Tapes from last year show that they plan on getting certain body parts from certain terminated pregnancies.    Even the embryos fight back, and they aren’t yet born.

The Editor:   What is the abortion policy on Cumberland, OC ?

Cumberland Cat:  Our policy is after 60 days a pregnancy requires incest, rape or health issues to have an abortion.  Before 60 days you can use pills/and/or a physician to abort a pregnancy.   There are even ” morning after pills ” to take after having sex to prevent pregnancies.     Aborted embryos are incinerated or buried.  You can’t take their parts.

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