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The Editor:   Did you see the dam leaking in CaliforniCATion,  LL ?

Martinizing Cat:   I just want to stay dry, but the government officials say the dam is fine.  One even said he wouldn’t have a dam that didn’t leak.

Here is the truth about the dam.   War Criminal Bush 43 and California had rather spend taxpayer money on sanctuary illegals than protect citizens.

The Editor:  Can Trump build a wall that won’t leak, MC ?

Teflon Tape Cat:  He sure can, here is his inspiration.

The Editor:   Who will maintain the Drug Deterrent Wall, TTC ?

TTC:   The Terrorist Wall will be maintained by convicted felons who come back to America after being sent home.  


  1. You know, Lois….I hope California does not need any federal funds if this dam breaks because they have already expressed a desire to be separated from the United States.

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