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The Editor:   Are you ready for some questions, LL ?

Jeopardy Cat:   I sure am.

A Doper:   I live about an hour North of NYC and can’t always get there easily for my drugs, is there somewhere nearby ?

Answer Cat:  This place is just around the corner, ask for ex-cadet-Cadet Ammon Tuimaune, ex-class of 17.

A Lifeguard:  Is it safe to swim in the pool ?

AC:  If it wasn’t for chlorine you would be dead.

Wendy’s employee who is a high school drop-out with a nose ring and a face tattoo:   Will I soon be making $15.00 an hour ?

AC:  Pretty soon if you are the one ( 1 ) employee that they keep.

This is for our veterans.


  1. Congratulations to the high school drop out who will be making $15.00 an hour at Wendy’s. Our SOLDIERS have a starting salary of $8.81 per hour, based on a 40 hour work week. Of coarse, they are there for our country 24/7. This is disgusting to me. I cannot wait until you report to a Robot and he says…..(in Robot talk) “Get your sorry, human, lazy ass back to work, I do not get breaks and neither do you.”
    No more Wendy’s for me…..I hope their stock tanks like Target’s did over the transgender toilets.

    • Why were hamburgers and steak removed from the menu? Get those stuffed cows out of there…that is false advertising.MOO! MOO!

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