If you live or are traveling from the Carolina’s to Maine check the forecast.


The Editor:  I hope this is good news. LL.

Catholic Cat:   It sure is, the nuns in Californication are going to put a spell on the Communist Pope, and a hex on Satan Worshiper Katy Perry.   They said the lying thieves could have their convent  when the cloven-hoofed devils  pried their cold dead fingers from their Rosary Beads.

Here is better news.   Due to the shortage of Medical Doctors, they will now be working 24 ( that’s right twenty-four hour shifts ) to give Americans the very best medical care.

TE:   Other than quicker service are there other benefits, CC ?

Dr. Kevorkian Cat:  There are a bunch.  The first is that the dope/drugs that they take to stay awake will keep America ahead of Ecuador in health care.  Another benefit is the dope/drugs the doctors take will reduce the amount available to the National Football League.

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