The Editor:   Is America really the can-do country, LL ?

Watch This Cat:   There is no doubt.  Ever since we kicked out ole King George lll, and his bunch of creepy boot-lickers we have been the place to get things done.

TE:   I know that mostly Caucasian people have invented almost everything worth inventing, butt is there someone recently that has shown the ” can-do ” spirit is still alive ?

Fix-a-Flat Cat:  You bet, this person used Fix-a-Flat emergency tire inflator  to do cosmetic surgery, mostly on peoples butts.  She/he needed no medical license, college degree, or even an instructor to go into business— with only determination and $5.72.*&spd=9368172597523792129

TE:   That is amazing, does she/he have plans during the 10 year sabbatical ?

For sure,  since Trump forbids Green Cards from being put in Cracker Jacks boxes like Obama was doing,  Morris wants to put Jelly-Bean look alike D-Con pellets in the Cracker Jacks boxes to save people with rodent problems a trip to Home Depot.

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