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The Editor:   What can people do themselves to save money, time, frustration, and other things, LL ?

You Talking To Me Cat:    Anything that you can do yourself will save money.  Here is a far fetched solution that some creep wants for the future.

TE:   Why won’t it work, YTTMC ?

There is always someone who feels left out.   It isn’t good or bad, this guy is a good example, he  just flunked out of Uber School, and United Airlines has a hiring freeze.

TE:   Do you have any personal examples, for our self sufficient readers, YTTMC ?

You bet, here is a great one.   The best that I can make of this poorly written article is that it takes a week for the Pacific Commander to have his orders enforced.

Astronomy Picture of the Day

A White Battle in the Black Sea
Image Credit: NASA, Aqua, MODIS

Explanation: Trillions have died in the Earth’s seas. Calcified shields of the dead already make up the white cliffs of Dover. The battle between ball-shaped light-colored single-celled plants — phytoplankton called coccolithophores — and even smaller, diamond-shaped viruses dubbed coccolithoviruses — has raged for tens of millions of years. To help fight this battle, the coccolithophores create their chalky armor by absorbing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. This battle is so epic that coccolithophores actually remove a significant fraction of Earth’s atmospheric carbon dioxide, bolstering the breathability of air for animals including humans. Pictured in this 2012 image from NASA’s Aqua satellite, the Black Sea was turned light blue by coccolithophore blooms.

Tomorrow’s picture: comet needle


The Editor:  What does the title mean, LL ?

Believe Me Cat:   It means Maxine stupid Waters is a poor liar.

Here is another problem that Bush 43 and Obama let slide.  Oh, I almost forgot, the press is also responsible.

You almost have to be a master puzzle solver to keep track of their deceit.

Here is a long overdue designation, that got overlooked by divvveeerssity.

Astronomy Picture of the Day

The Holographic Principle
Image Credit: Caltech

Explanation: Is this picture worth a thousand words? According to the Holographic Principle, the most information you can get from this image is about 3 x 1065 bits for a normal sized computer monitor. The Holographic Principle, yet unproven, states that there is a maximum amount of information content held by regions adjacent to any surface. Therefore, counter-intuitively, the information content inside a room depends not on the volume of the room but on the area of the bounding walls. The principle derives from the idea that the Planck length, the length scale where quantum mechanics begins to dominate classical gravity, is one side of an area that can hold only about one bit of information. The limit was first postulated by physicist Gerard ‘t Hooft in 1993. It can arise from generalizations from seemingly distant speculation that the information held by a black hole is determined not by its enclosed volume but by the surface area of its event horizon. The term “holographic” arises from a hologram analogy where three-dimension images are created by projecting light though a flat screen. Beware, other people looking at the featured image may not claim to see 3 x 1065 bits — they might claim to see a teapot.

Tomorrow’s picture: ancient battle debris on Earth


Sphinx Main

The Editor:   What has Canada done, LL ?

Cold Cat:  Not much, here is a wayward iceberg.

Here is an example of loud sex interrupting  a tennis match.

Here are some tortoises  being relocated.

The Navy is redesigning our submarines, especially the vagin–Virginia class fast attack ships.

More mummies are found in Egypt.  They sure knew how to decorate a coffin.

Astronomy Picture of the Day

Between the Rings
Image Credit: Cassini Imaging Team, SSI, JPL, ESA, NASA

Explanation: On April 12, as the Sun was blocked by the disk of Saturn the Cassini spacecraft camera looked toward the inner Solar System and the gas giant’s backlit rings. At the top of the mosaicked view is the A ring with its broader Encke and narrower Keeler gaps visible. At the bottom is the F ring, bright due to the viewing geometry. The point of light between the rings is Earth, 1.4 billion kilometers in the distance. Look carefully and you can even spot Earth’s large moon, a pinprick of light to the planet’s left. Today Cassini makes its final close approach to Saturn’s own large moon Titan, using Titan’s gravity to swing into the spacecraft’s Grand Finale, the final set of orbits that will bring Cassini just inside Saturn’s rings.

Tomorrow’s picture: another dimension


Sphinx Main

The Editor:   What should our loyal readers be cautious of, LL ?

John Adams Cat:  Be cautious of the creeps and liars.   You can never rest and keep your freedom, rights, and liberties.  Currently this is your most dangerous foe, the news media.  They want to control what you see, hear, and read so they can control what you think.

Their deceit might be obvious like this.

Their treachery comes in many guises, a little here, a little there, and before you know it you can’t even speak English or fly Old Glory.

If you don’t teach your children values, morality, and ideology a government employee union member teacher will.  They are watching you, if you don’t believe it ask Trump.