Archive | April 3, 2017


The Editor:   What is Shake and Bake, LL ?

And I Helped Cat:   The Demo-scums are using the ” throw the feces against the wall, and see what sticks ” strategy against the Divine Republicans.  Since we are a family newspaper I had to clean up their plan.  Here are Pelosi, Schumer, Hitlery, and Maxine Waters caught on a secret video discussing their strategy.

TE:   Where do they get their FECES  from, AIHC ?

Dung Beetle Cat:   Right now they are getting it from Cuba, Castro had a bunch already packed and ready for use, but Russia said communism sucked and so did South America.   The reason Obama opened Cuba was to get access to all of the Castro’s old communist FECES.  Raul, North Korea, and the Democrats are the only ones pedaling the stuff now.  Here is a brief history of these valuable creatures.

These creeps want that living Constitution—where the meaning changes at the whims of the politicians.

We need more divine help.

Astronomy Picture of the Day

Saturn in Infrared from Cassini
Image Credit: NASA, JPL-Caltech, SSI; Processing: Maksim Kakitsev

Explanation: Many details of Saturn appear clearly in infrared light. Bands of clouds show great structure, including long stretching storms. Also quite striking in infrared is the unusual hexagonal cloud pattern surrounding Saturn‘s North Pole. Each side of the dark hexagon spans roughly the width of our Earth. The hexagon’s existence was not predicted, and its origin and likely stability remains a topic of research. Saturn’s famous rings circle the planet and cast shadows below the equator. The featured image was taken by the robotic Cassini spacecraft in 2014 in several infrared colors — but only processed recently. In September, Cassini’s mission will be brought to a dramatic conclusion as the spacecraft will be directed to dive into ringed giant.

Tomorrow’s picture: Contrail & Sun Halo