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The Editor:  For our few readers who aren’t familiar with opiates, what are they, LL ?

RX Cat:   The ole poppy gives us more drugs than a Mexican Drug Cartel.  Drugs from the poppy have been around since before history, and most members of the Supreme Court.

TE:  Where are the plants grown and what is a HECTARE ?

Bong Cat:   A hectare is a metric measurement, equal to 2.47 acres.  Here are the major producers, surprisingly  Mexico is number 3 ( three ).

TE:  Do you have any examples of what can happen with natural/synthetic drug abuse BC ?

Any Drug Cat:   Any drug can be abused.  Here are two examples of what can happen–eggs & grapes.

Here is another way to save the grapes.

Astronomy Picture of the Day

Plane Contrail and Sun Halo
Image Credit & Copyright: Alexandros Maragos

Explanation: What’s happened to the sky? Several common features of the daytime sky are interacting in uncommon ways. First, well behind the silhouetted hills, is the typically bright Sun. In front of the Sun are thin clouds, possibly the home to a layer of hexagonal ice crystals that together are creating the 22 degree halo of light surrounding the Sun. The unusual bent line that crosses the image is a contrail — a type of cloud created by a passing airplane. Much of the contrail must actually be further away than the thin cloud because it casts a shadow onto the cloud, giving an unusual three-dimensional quality to the featured image. The featured image was taken in late January in the city of Patras in West Greece.

Tomorrow’s picture: odd galaxy out