Here is a solution to the money needed to fund the border wall.   Get a forklift and go to Obama’s slush fund ( where he got a pallet full of cash to give the Iranians ).  Get a couple of pallets and send them to El Paso.   Congress didn’t authorize the expenditure.


The Editor:   Is it time for The Masters, LL ?

Pimento Cheese Cat:   It sure is, The Masters is my favorite sporting event.   There is no yelling, screaming, bad manners, price gouging, or unprofessional behavior allowed.  Here is a little information on 2017’s edition.

TE:  Is golf a genteel game of trust and the honor system, PCC ?

Mark That Ball Correctly Cat:   It sure is, although things can get a little screwy.  Maybe these officials should be sent to Washington D.C. and supervise the government.

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