The Editor:  Are medical errors still the third most cause of deaths in the Ole US of A, LL ?

It Hurts When I Do This Cat:  They sure are, maybe one reason is that 20 per-cent of patients are misdiagnosed to begin with.  I hope humans don’t start going to vets to get their second opinions.

Cats are already discriminated against because the vets like the boot-licking, mangy, inbred, smelly dogs better.  If they would stop rolling in every pile of feces that they come across they would be in better health.  They remind me of Schumer, who is one mangy creature.  For people under 50 years of age there might be hope in the new advances in medical technology.

TE:   What about the people over 50, IHWIDTC ?

Forget Social Security Cat:  They can forget SS,  early termination is their future.  They will be replaced by our younger brown brothers/sisters from you know where.    Here is some secret Obama video.

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