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The Editor:   Are we healthy, LL ?

MD Cat:   Americans are so unhealthy that it is pitiful.  They can’t even get diagnosed correctly.

Humans will poison themselves out of existence.  The only Americans left in a few years will be the Amish.  The same chemicals killing the honeybees and butterflies are now in the water supply ( autism ? ).

The FDA and Congress should be made to drink these poisons for a year before they are approved for use.

Here is a vaccine worth getting.

Here is a sampling of things to come.


Blueberries are better for you than cellphone radiation.

Astronomy Picture of the Day

Man, Dog, Sun
Image Credit & Copyright: Jens Hackmann

Explanation: This was supposed to be a shot of trees in front of a setting Sun. Sometimes, though, the unexpected can be photogenic. During some planning shots, a man walking his dog unexpected crossed the ridge. The result was so striking that, after cropping, it became the main shot. The reason the Sun appears so large is that the image was taken from about a kilometer away through a telephoto lens. Scattering of blue light by the Earth’s atmosphere makes the bottom of the Sun appear slightly more red that the top. Also, if you look closely at the Sun, just above the man’s head, a large group of sunspots is visible. The image was taken just last week in Bad Mergentheim, Germany.

Tomorrow’s picture: open space