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This makes one wonder why it hasn’t been dropped in 13 years of war in the land of head-choppers.  Remember the photos of Toyota trucks.


The Editor:    What’s new, LL ?

Wall Cat:   Trump is making prototypes of The Freedom Wall, it will be different from Bush 41, Clinton, Bush 43, and Obama’s wall.

How about a scorpion with your spinach ?

The matador girl and bull go to court.

Public colleges should only pay expenses for guest speakers.

San Franexpensive0 is too expensive for doctors.

Astronomy Picture of the Day

Earth Shadow over Damavand
Image Credit & Copyright: Majid Ghohroodi

Explanation: Through crystal clear skies this beautiful panorama follows the curve of planet Earth’s shadow rising across the top of the world. The tantalizing twilight view is composed of eight single frames captured from 4,000 meters above sea level at sunset on April 6. Just above the dark grey Earth-shadow boundary lies a fading, pinkish, anti-twilight arch. Also known as the belt of Venus, its reddened and back-scattered sunlight finally merges with the still blue eastern sky. Standing tall near center along the rugged horizon line is the distant sharp peak of Mount Damavand in the snowy Alborz mountains. A feature in Persian mythology and literature, Damavand is a stratovolcano reaching 5,610 meters above sea level, the highest peak in Iran and the Middle East.

Tomorrow’s picture: Orion and a phosphorescent sea