Archive | April 19, 2017


The Editor:   Did you hear about the Potato Chip shortage in Japan, LL ?

Ahh Sou Cat:   I sure did.   With the strange writing on the bags they probably can’t find the ones they want.  Regardless,   haven’t they heard of Idaho ?   America has so many potatoes that people make potato-guns to get rid of them.

Rather than using a potato-gun to protect your property one police force advises this, ( I would add, don’t leave anything in sight ).

Chicago needs a new government.

DUI’s  are still bad news.

Here is a small victory for US Citizens.

Astronomy Picture of the Day

The Red Spider Planetary Nebula
Image Credit: NASA, ESA, Hubble, HLA; Reprocessing & Copyright: Jesús M.Vargas & Maritxu Poyal

Explanation: Oh what a tangled web a planetary nebula can weave. The Red Spider Planetary Nebula shows the complex structure that can result when a normal star ejects its outer gases and becomes a white dwarf star. Officially tagged NGC 6537, this two-lobed symmetric planetary nebula houses one of the hottest white dwarfs ever observed, probably as part of a binary star system. Internal winds emanating from the central stars, visible in the center, have been measured in excess of 1000 kilometers per second. These winds expand the nebula, flow along the nebula’s walls, and cause waves of hot gas and dust to collide. Atoms caught in these colliding shocks radiate light shown in the above representative-color picture by the Hubble Space Telescope. The Red Spider Nebula lies toward the constellation of the Archer (Sagittarius). Its distance is not well known but has been estimated by some to be about 4,000 light-years.

Tomorrow’s picture: open space